How to use a theme at Christmas: Oh, Christmas Tree

Themes of Christmas-001


  1. Oh, Christmas Tree (scroll down below this list to read the post)
  2. A Partridge in a Pear Tree
  3. The Greatest Gift:  Nativity
  4. Peppermint Parade
  5. Snowmen
  6. Peace on Earth
  7. Whimsy Christmas
  8. Winter Wonderland
  9. Holiday at the Beach
  10. Gingerbread
  11. Traditional
  12. Woodland
  13. A Child’s Christmas
  14. Blue Christmas
  15. Country Crafts
  16. Pretty As A Peacock
  17. Yuletide Tea Party
  18. Mountain Cabin
  19. Teddy Bears
  20. Cardinal Song
  21. Christmas Wedding
  22. Nutcrackers
  23. Vintage
  24. Santa Claus
  25. Oh Holy Night
  26. Shepherds
  27. Angels
  28. Stars
  29. Royalty (The Wisemen)
  30. Bells
  31. Light


Hello, all.  I hope you U.S. friends had a safe and blessed Thanksgiving with lots of great opportunities for  memory-making… and that the rest of you are having a wonderful weekend.  I’m so glad you stopped by for a visit!


As thoughts start turning toward Christmas, I have a question for you:


When it comes to Christmas, are you a “theme” person … changing things up every year … or do you prefer to stick with the familiar?


I’ve done it both ways, but I do love myself some themes!


In case you don’t have much experience using a theme at Christmas (or anytime, for that matter), let me offer a few quick things to consider.


Pick a theme.  Really.  Just pick one.  Inspiration can come from anywhere. Sit tight and I’ll tell you where this one came from in a minute.

Here’s mine:  Oh, Christmas Tree


Keep your theme in mind when

  • selecting Christmas cards/party invitations, music, and food
  • planning seasonal tablescapes and tabletop vignettes
  • adding “little touches” like pictures or pillows
  • choosing gift wrap – or craft projects
Oh Christmas Tree

Source: Google images


My inspiration for Oh, Christmas Tree came recently when I learned this…

Spode Christmas Tree made its debut 75 years ago today.


It’s one of the best selling Christmas patterns in dinnerware history.  Did you know?



What’s your favorite Christmas dishware pattern?  This one’s mine.


Well… my mind is now whirling with potential Christmas themes, but (sadly) I can’t do all of them this year.


Unless…  Yes, I think I will!


Join me right here every day this month for Themes of Christmas.  What can you expect?  A little bit of everything! 

inspiration boards

and more!

Between now and the New Year, we’ll consider at least 31 different Christmas themes. Whichever themes you don’t use this holiday season will stay right here at My Place as a go-to resource series for your Christmas Future. 


Sound fun?  If it does, sign up to get My Place to Yours delivered right to your inbox so you won’t miss the inspiration. I’ll be sure to work in a little encouragement and challenge, too…


In the meantime, I’ll be joining:

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  1. Okay, Susan, get comfy because my answer is lengthy.

    We moved here from Fort Lauderdale in 1990, and at that time my mother moved in with us. A combination of household things turned in to be a story of its own. I had my own Christmas decorations that I loved, yet they were never unpacked or used again. They eventually went the way of various types of sales. And, I admit that I kind of resented it.

    You see my mother was a collector of Santas, and when I say collector, you would have found her photo next to the definition of Santa Collector in the dictionary. There were so…many, and it took an entire week of work to pack up our year round household decor to make a place to put all the Santas. My son always said it looked like Santa flew over our home and exploded all over it. But, over the years, my mother finally decided there were too many, and she began gifting and selling them. She no longer helps with the decorating, and it is now down to an amount that I can accomplish without dropping. The number is down by hundreds, and the amount that remains is enjoyable. After years of annoyance, I now enjoy her Santa collection. Before there were so many that you couldn’t focus on any one.

    So yes, I do have a theme in my home. We have a few Santas in the foyer, the living room, the kitchen and breakfast room and even a couple in our guest half-bath. Outside we have one Santa on the front porch next to the door, one that greets you as you walk up our sidewalk and a Santa flag which hangs from our backyard deck. Our family room has a few Santas as decor, but the main thing in the room is a nine foot tree decorated entirely in Santa ornaments – each one different. I admit it is stunning.

    I guess this story has a happily ever after HoHoHo ending. Now, aren’t you glad you asked me? Wink!

    • Wow! Beverly, my heart was breaking just a little bit at the end of your first paragraph, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to read more — but I’m glad I did. It sounds like you found a way to make peace with the situation before it was too late, so way to go! I’m so glad there’s a HoHoHo “happy” ending!

  2. Hey there! I love the theme you’ve picked, and Spode has never put out a nicer Christmas pattern EVER!!! The oldies truly ARE the goodies!!! I like your picture board. I kind of put together a picture board in my head and go from there, but it sure would be fun to actually do a tangible one. It really lets people (and YOU as you plan) get an idea of where you’re coming from.

    I’m big on themes, even if they are ever so subtle. There’s always got to be a connecting thread for everything I do. Even if it’s just pattern or shape or something like that to pull the eye in. Christmas is a great time of year to do themes, and there’s always so much from which to choose!!!

    Have fun decorating and entertaining!!! I’m off to do some decorating of my own this morning! 🙂

    • My goodness, Alycia, it’s an honor to see the Queen of Theme Tablescapes herself stopping by for a visit today! I, too, keep the inspiration/picture board in my head when I’m doing projects, but I love creating them so other people can (hopefully) get their creative juices flowing. As for the subtle thread of “theme” that runs through some projects… I absolutely love adding those little details — even if few people notice them. Of course, they’d never slip by you. You soak up details like no one’s business, and that’s what makes you amazing at what you do!

  3. I love your festive holiday inspiration board and the pretty Christmas tree plate.
    Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!