6117cropped lightWelcome to My Place to Yours! I’ve been hoping you’d stop by for a visit, and now here you are. If you have a one-track mind, and only want to read about a single subject, then I’ll understand if you don’t stay long. But if you think variety truly is “the spice of life,” then I trust this will be the first of many good times we’ll spend together.

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You can expect to see the occasional DIY or design story because, with a degree in interior design, I simply won’t be able to help myself. You’ll also find that I love “playing in the dishes,” so tablescapes and dish-inspired posts are common here. And if, like me, you have a “thing” for vintage linens, then you definitely want to hang out at My Place because not only will we chat about collecting the pretties of yesteryear, but I’ll teach you how to care for them, as well. Of course, if it’s “old house love” that stole your heart, then we just may have been separated at birth.

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You won’t be here long before you realize My Place is simply not another blog about decorating or collecting or DIY. There are plenty of great ones out there already. Instead, although I love sites like Pinterest and Houzz and Hometalk, I’m really more interested in the things that matter. Really matter . . . like faith and family and friends. I’m going to assume you want me to be totally honest with you (and I will be!). At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if we eat our meals off of chipped plates or sleep in beds without designer linens as long as we’ve loved those around us. If we’ve invested positively in relationships with our Creator and the people in our path, then it’s been a good day.

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It’s common for people to say, “I’m passionate about ___” when describing themselves. Really? Passion is a power-packed word, and there are very few things about which I am truly passionate. Opinionated? Yes. Reeaally like? Yes. Passionate? Children. The little-growing-big bodies for whom this generation is responsible. The ones we’re failing on so many levels both in the United States and around the world. Our world. Our children. Our problem. Our potential blessing.


I’m an online (and in real life) advocate for orphans. I hope that doesn’t scare you away. For the last decade my husband was President of Hope Unlimited for Children, and I had an insider’s view of the ministry. Translation:  I saw the stresses and the successes … the challenges and the choices … the trials and the transformations in the lives of children. Some days I felt like a yo-yo. In fact, I actually started blogging in hopes of finding sanity! From time-to-time I wrote about those children in Brazil, sharing their stories and their pain . . . their activities and their joy. They are former street children, trafficked children, abused, exploited, abandoned children. While the stories of Hope may challenge you (as they did me!), I promise they’ll also inspire and encourage you to make a difference in the lives of children within your own circle of influence. If, over time, I happen to challenge you to broaden that circle, so much the better!


2018 brings a new chapter for my Renaissance Man and me. Although we still live in a small town in beautiful East Tennessee, the lessons learned and the successes of our graduates in Brazil need to be shared. When you see generational cycles of poverty, abuse, and abandonment broken time and time again, it gets your attention! Hope Institute is a brand new organization formed to provide training, research, and advocacy for orphan-care providers worldwide. My husband is at the helm. We have no idea what lies ahead. We do know that children are our future—mine . . . and yours—and we want them to have every possibility for success. 


Don’t worry. You won’t find any guilt or pressure here. I’m more interested in the ultimate interior design: interior design of the soul. Here you’ll find stories of God’s faithfulness—and a challenge to reach beyond yourself. To care creatively. To step one foot out of your comfort zone and see what happens. To come back here for more encouragement. Because that’s what you’ll get . . . at My Place to Yours.


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Susan Nowell  (pronounced like Howell)
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My family:
Mom to two grown daughters – Daughter the Older and Daughter the Younger  (I know, I know … Where’s the creativity?)
Nonna to two young grandsons – Little Man and Little Sir; young sons of Daughter the Younger and my Favorite Fatigue Wearer
Sus, Wifely, Babraham to my Renaissance Man


My (offline) Place:
After pouring blood, sweat, and tears into the restoration of a big, beautiful 1907 house—and living in it for 11 years—we decided to downsize. Since December 2016, we’ve lived at our beloved Wild Rose Farm in a fifth wheel travel trailer while preparing to build our Finally Farmhouse. For the time being, this is home. 🙂  It’s an adventure!


More than you ever need to know:
I love cupcakes.
I’ve never colored or highlighted my hair.
Country music calms me.
I always lick the beaters when baking.
Tulips are my favorite flower.
I’d rather send a card than make a phone call.
Family history fascinates me.
I don’t have a favorite color.
My favorite part of a party is the clean-up when it’s over; the quiet time of reflection.
I love mosaics — photographs, prints, pen/ink, tile . . .
I have the tendency to accidentally re-rent movies I’ve already seen.

Enough said . . .

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