Pretty As A Peacock: A Christmas Theme

I remember the first time I saw a Christmas tree bedecked in colors of the peacock. Almost a decade ago, I walked around a corner in a year-round Christmas shop in the Smoky Mountains and there it was – in all its turquoise and green and gold glory.  I’m pretty sure I gasped.


I still haven’t done a peacock tree myself.  Turquoise isn’t a great color for the existing furnishings in my old house… but I do love this combination of colors!

Peacock Xmas 2

I’ve seen lots of peacock trees since that first time, and often one more color is added.  For some reason, it’s always hot pink or purple.  That’s starting to look a bit like my favorite whimsy colors


But I’d never do a Peacock Christmas in whimsy colors.  Ever.  It doesn’t feel right.


I would add another color, though.  I’d add Little Man’s favorite color:  RED.  A really pretty, slightly orange-y shade of red.  It keeps the peacock theme classy and elegant – and adds a little “Christmas” …without going all “whimsy.”  It’s a quick metamorphosis, too!

Peacock Xmas 1

I’d also have to borrow those gorgeous dishes from my friend – if I want my table to be “pretty as a peacock!”  Aren’t they gorgeous?


FYI: The pattern is “Floradora Green” by Royal Doulton. The green refers to the green edge band. There is also a “Floradora Gold.”


Yes, I know peacocks are really noisy, messy birds… but they are gorgeous, noisy, messy birds! 🙂


Have you ever used peacock feathers to decorate at Christmas?  Did you add any other colors?


This post is part of my Themes of Christmas series.  Previous themes are all listed HERE.  You can sign up on the sidebar to get future themes delivered to you via email. I’m working on a Christmas Wedding theme I hope to post soon…


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  1. Nope, never used these colors for Christmas, and never will. But, like you, I do think they are stunning. I did see a wedding featuring peacock colors, and it was gorgeous.

    My husband’s grandmother had peacocks, and he has very funny stories to share.

  2. I too feel in love with the peacock trees that I saw and decided that was exactly what I wanted to use in our entry when our tourist came through. There were mixed reviews but the majority was very positive. I hope you will visit and though you may have to go a few post back you will see the tree. It certainly was a fun tree to decorate!