Teddy Bears: A Christmas Theme

It’s one of the easiest Christmas themes ever:  Teddy Bears. Almost everyone has one–or ten!– so all you have to do is put up a tree then set sweet little bears on its branches.  Voila’! Instant decorations. The same thing works with snowmen, dolls, Santas, elves…


Christmas window

When a new child comes to one of Hope Unlimited‘s campuses in Brazil, they receive a welcome kit that includes a stuffed animal–often a teddy bear. Recently an elderly Hope donor gave her lifelong teddy bear collection to be used in the welcome kits. Since we haven’t yet taken them to Brazil–and since I had LOTS to choose from–I decided to use Teddy Bears as my theme for the Hope office.


Teddy Bear window

You may remember me telling you that–after a cross-country move–the office is now located in the old downtown part of our small town. It was recently a hot-spot for the tree lighting, Christmas parade, choirs, hayrides, outdoor movies…


Seemed like a good time to put a message in the window for all to see. (Click the pic to enlarge if you need to.)


A gentle little reminder never hurts…


Hope office window

Teddy bears have such a soft way of whispering hard facts, don’t you think?


I hope you’re listening…  It’s not too late to make a difference in the life of a child this Christmas.




Best wishes for a “beary” merry Christmas to all!


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  1. What a great idea to list all the themes! I do one tree with all Battenburg angels, but other than that I have a mixture, with many Nativity scenes placed throughout the house.
    I see you are in Tn. My niece is a doc a St. Jude’s. I have never been to TN though, they usually come back here to Long Island to visit.
    God bless you in your work, and a very Merry Christmas!