Country Crafts: A Christmas Theme

Some of you love craft fairs and simple decorations.  This Country Crafts theme will probably appeal to you…

but it has some fun ideas to use elsewhere!


The Christmas tree in the center – and the garland atop the bookcase – are nothing more than scraps of fabric!  Now you quilters and seamstresses have something to do with those little pieces of fabric you thought were too small to use.


The wreath is balls of yarn hot glued together on a wreath form.


The button pick is pretty obviously buttons wired together.


And the jingle bell tree with the metal star on top?  Well, it’s just cute… and looks pretty easy to make.

Country Craft Christmas


Consider using these elements for a Country Crafts theme:

  • Quilts
  • Fabrics – especially gingham, calico, plaid, burlap, felt — in muted colors
  • Yarn
  • Buttons
  • Simple shapes/designs – batting-stuffed ornaments, metal art, wooden cut-outs, etc.
  • Cornhusks – dolls, wreaths, ornaments

Be sure to add some citrus fruit, apples, hard candies, and pinecones… items that add a touch of festivity to an otherwise simple celebration.


Have you ever made handmade craft ornaments for Christmas?  Do you still?


This is part of my Themes of Christmas series.  Previously-posted themes are available HERE.  Receive new ones as they’re posted by signing up on the sidebar!




  1. I got in the wrong line when craft skills were being assigned. I have great ideas, but my patience level for many crafts is challenged.