Flag Waving:  A Blogger’s Salute to Her Homeland by Susan Nowell

Are you “proud to be an American” but finding yourself frustrated by today’s America?

Do you need a reminder of the good and godly foundation upon which our country was built?


eBook Flag Waving cover-001


Me, too – and so I wrote this MADE IN AMERICA digital e-book for both of us. Its 40+ pages contain

*  original flag-waving photographs, some taken in front of beautiful old homes  🙂
*  tablescape inspiration
*  quick-and-easy recipes
*  inspirational stories; tributes to military personnel, their families, veterans, our leaders – and you, too


Download it HEREIt’s free!








Dirty Faith:  Bringing the Love of Christ to the Least of These by David Z. Nowell

Do you ever feel like something in your faith is missing – that going to church, studying the Bible, and tithing just aren’t enough? There has to be more, right? What would it look like to truly follow Christ and not just believe in him?


Dirty Faith


Such were the questions at our house that led to a life-changing writing experience for my husband – and copy editing experience for me.


I’m pleased to say that Dirty Faith is not just another book telling Christians we need to “try harder.”  Instead, its straightforward yet encouraging words let Scripture tell me the hard truths I’ve been too comfy to hear… and challenge the Church to be who we are called to be. Throughout its pages are stories of peripheral people – those Jesus called “the least of these.”  Those he called his brothers and sisters.


To read more about “dirty faith” and the author, visit his website.