Snowmen: A Christmas Theme

Like yesterday’s Peppermint Parade, today’s theme is a pretty simple one to pull off even if you didn’t plan ahead. You’ll just look like you did!


Snowmen are easy to find, and you don’t have to spend much to add their happy little faces to your household.


You can…

Snowmen 5

… but you don’t have to.  Little Sir would love these Hallmark carolers!

Snowmen 4

If you choose a snowman theme, you’ll get the most bang for your buck by making or purchasing “stuffed” snowmen.  You can get them in a wide variety of styles and colors, so pick the “feel” and colors you want–then use those colors throughout your decor.  Choosing complementary colors makes it much easier to use your  new little friends in tabletop vignettes around the house.

Snowmen 2

But for goodness sake, don’t limit yourself to tabletops! Snowmen like you to be creative. Never forget… They were around long before the ol’ Elf on the Shelf.

Snowmen 1

Hint:  If you want to keep your snowmen up through the Winter–and once their sweet little faces smile at you throughout the Christmas season, you probably will!–be sure to choose snowmen that are not “Christmasy.”  For example, stick to ones that feature skis and sleds rather than wreaths and decorated trees.


When you’re just starting your collection, even one strategically placed little group of snowmen is all you need.  You can too easily add more over time by shopping after-Christmas sales, thrift stores, holiday shops, etc.


Of course, you can also add ornaments…

Snowmen 3

…and dishes.  But even those don’t have to cost a lot. The set of four 5-piece place settings used in THIS tablescape was purchased at Dollar General several years ago… for only $10–and it’s still going strong!  I bought two sets.  🙂


Need an easy party idea to use with your snowman theme?  Try a Soup Sampler party. 

Renaissance Man and I have used the Soup Sampler-style party many times… even without the snowman theme!

  • It’s easy to make everything in advance
  • Food stays hot even if dinner guests are delayed
  • Guests serve themselves
  • No wasted food because guests eat what they like
  • Easy clean-up
  • It’s always–ALWAYS– a hit!

To host a Soup Sampler party, you’ll need:

  • Snowman-themed invitations (cute or classy–whatever “feel” you decide to use)
  • Snowman-themed napkins (paper or fabric; okay, technically you don’t NEED these, but they’re a really nice touch!)
  • Variety of soups
  • Variety of crackers and/or breads
  • Dinner-size plate (“snowman” or solid color to coordinate with invitations and napkins)
  • Clear disposable cups for sampling soups; most dinner plates will hold 3 cups at a time
  • Soup spoons
  • Glasses and beverages
  • Snowman Soup party favors (DIY… cards–printed, stamped, stickers etc. + ribbon + treat)

Snowmen 1Tie the ribbon to a cellophane pouch containing:

*  2 pkgs. hot chocolate mix

*  2 Hershey’s kisses

*  8″ candy cane


*  Add mini marshmallows (in snack-size Ziploc™ bag) unless making weeks in advance; marshmallows will not stay fresh

* Put pouch in a large snowman-themed mug






soup cup

FYI:  I like to use the disposable cups that look like this.  They hold approx. 8 oz. and are a good shape/depth for serving soup. I do NOT recommend the ones made of hard plastic as they will often break when hot soup is added.  Instead, get the cups that have a little more “give” when you squeeze them.  (I’ve tried several brands of cups, and none of them have melted–but you can be certain I poured super hot water into them before using them with guests! I suggest you do the same. I’d hate for there to be a first time…)


  Will you be hosting any Christmas or New Year parties this season?



This is part of the Themes of Christmas series. If you missed previous themes, they’re all listed HERE.  Check them out–then share them with your friends!


I’ll be joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.



  1. I just love snowmen. Christmas decorating and snowmen go together like love and marriage, or a horse and carriage (I think I am showing my age). I have about 40 years worth around the house and many still in storage. The little guys are really great for the holidays, thank you so much for sharing….. Candy