Cardinal Song: A Christmas Theme

If you like the traditional colors of Christmas

AND you like songbirds,

AND you like music,

then why not have yourself a merry little Cardinal Song Christmas?


I supposed you could call it a Cardinal Carols Christmas as well.


Consider including these elements in your decor:

  • Cardinals (of course!)
  • Berries
  • Fruit
  • Pinecones
  • Twig-like picks
  • Textured, seed-like ornaments
  • Musical instruments
  • Sheet music (Christmas carols, please)


Cardinal Song Xmas

I always love seeing cardinals outside my windows, especially when the brilliant red of the males is contrasted against a bright white snow.  Apparently they catch the attention of this little girl, too…



by Amanda, age 10

The snow had fallen all night long
Outside my window a cardinal sang his song
December, December, beautiful December
Skating and sledding when it is snowing
It is very peaceful to hear the wind blowing
December, December, beautiful December
I was out all day and my cheeks were rosy
I hurried inside and got warm and cozy
The cocoa was yummy and very hot
I wonder if I will go out tomorrow or not
December, December, beautiful December.



How about you?  Have you ever decorated for Christmas with cardinals – or a music theme?


This is part of my Themes of Christmas series.  All previously-posted themes are available HERE.  You can sign up on the sidebar to get new ones delivered via email.



  1. Ha! What a coincidence! This is the theme for our living room this year, and I used many of the elements you listed!!! That’s wild!!!

    • The Quintessential Magpie says:


      For some reason your blog posts are not showing up in my feed. I had no idea you had been posting. I saw your name at BNOTP and was waiting till I had more time to come actually visit. I wanted to see what you had been up to and didn’t want to be rushed. I am going to read the posts I have missed this weekend!!,

      I have decorated with cardinals and music. Our everyday plates have cardinals on them. And once upon a time I bought a tree that was covered in musical instruments. I love these elements.

      I love this beautiful sparkly post!



  2. Dear Susan,
    I found you through Kelleys Pillowcase Project and Im so glad I did! I love this post! I have added you to my blogs I follow on my page and will link to you on my fb page after Christmas as I am linking to all the girls participating in the pillowcase project to try and get some followers started in making pillowcases for the project. I thought for this to just wait until after Christmas day as everyone is so busy right now. I am a very new blogger and love your Cardinal post and you will see why, I really love bird themes! Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year, Annabel.xx