Blue Christmas: A Christmas Theme

I know, I know.  Just seeing my title got some of you humming along with the Elvis in your head.

Didn’t it?


Here’s a quick inspiration board for you today to go along with the Blue Christmas theme.  I’ve chosen to use cobalt blue, but you could use any shade of blue you like.  You can also use your everyday blues and simply tuck in some Christmas greenery…


blue Xmas

I really hope this isn’t a blue Christmas for you this year… unless you want it to be!


Enjoy your Saturday and I’ll see you tomorrow with another idea in my Themes of Christmas series. You can see previously posted themes HERE.  AND you can have new ones delivered straight to your inbox; just sign up on the sidebar!



  1. I will indeed be humming along with you today. Well, maybe more than humming. Like I just stood here and did my full on Elvis rendition.

  2. Yup…you caught me! Immediately that song popped into my head! I think also since I had just seen on the morning news a story that’s gone viral about this 16-year-old Canadian kid who does a dead on impersonation of Elvis. Seriously…heard the kid and thought Elvis had NOT left the building!!! 🙂

    I love blue & white at Christmastime! When we get our interiors repainted and new furniture next year, I am going to be ALL OVER it!!! You’re so right that adding the greenery makes all the difference!