Spring Farmhouse Table

Spring is finally in the air here in East Tennessee, and Renaissance Man and I have been getting out of the house every chance we get!  Over the weekend, we took a drive in the country and passed this wonderful farmhouse.  I couldn’t resist taking a picture for you … and  yes, I was “seeing circles” and thinking about shelter!

I asked myself what kind of table I would set this week if I lived in an old farmhouse in the country … and I decided this house called for a traditional mix of blue and white dishes.

Some of you have seen this table before, but with fields being plowed, skies turning bluer, and daffodils smiling, it’s a good time to share it again.  I hope you enjoy








A well-proportioned old farmhouse makes this gal’s heart go pitter-pat. What’s it do to yours?

Won’t you join me?
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  1. Love it, Susan, and it goes from plain to fancy in the same setting. It does look perfect for that farmhouse. xo Diana

  2. Such a gorgeous tablescape, Susan, once again. I love the mosaic and the flowers in the centerpiece. xo

  3. Of course it has to be perfect it is blue and white and I simply love that…Love the blend of blue and white designs and it looks so sweet with the bunnies on the table…

  4. Of course it has to be perfect it is blue and white and I simply love that…Love the blend of blue and white designs and it looks so sweet with the bunnies on the table…

  5. Beautifully done. There is something about an old farm house that just screams simplicity and family time. Gosh to return to a time when the home truly was where everyone’s heart was. Your table setting speaks of family time with wonderful friends … beautifully done. xo C. (HHL)

  6. East Tennessee is starting to look good (except for the rain today, LOL), and your tablescape is lovely! The bradford pear trees are looking glorious. The dogwoods and redbuds shouldn’t be too much further behind with their cheerful display.

  7. I love the farmhouse, Susan, and I also love the blue and white of your table setting!

    It is good, in my opinion, that our spring is coming a bit later than last year. There will be blooms out for the Dogwood Arts Festival that is formally opening this week-end!

  8. If I have seen it before, it’s new again to me. I love it and think it says FARMHOUSE. I’m all about farmhouses, since I wish that I lived in one. I’ll take that one in the picture…

    I love all the blue and white, and the linens on this table really make the statement. Those little linen coasters under the glass are a classy addition.

  9. Susan, this table looks like one my grandmother would have set for Sunday dinner when the preacher was coming — the highest possible standard of entertaining! The centerpiece is more modern and sophisticated, but the other details are Grandma Rachel to a T! Love it! Your linens always make me swoon.

  10. Susan, this is the perfect farmhouse table…even down to the little rabbits! The linens are beautiful.

  11. Hi Susan,
    I can imagine that table setting in that beautiful Victorian too! Your table setting and linens are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  12. A farmhouse would be absolutely perfect!!! I can see myself living in one…as long as I have neighbors in fairly close proximity! Your tablescape would be perfect and give the farmhouse a “fancy” feel! 🙂

  13. Great job with the blue and white tablescape. I loved the fabric wrapped around the vase to bring it all together. Thanks for posting! ~CJ

  14. Susan, this is so pretty! I love those dishes, and blue and white is always a fave!
    Thanks so much for linking to Let’s Dish, have a good week!