Two Things That Inspired Me …

An unexpected patch of brilliant orange poppies in the middle of an open pasture…

… and an East Tennessee Spring blue sky.

Inspiration is everywhere! I just had to open my eyes…

What’s inspiring you these days?
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  1. Oh that inspires me…but nature always does!!! That field is beautiful!

  2. Inspiration and God’s beautiful creation, Isn’t it wonderful! There are surprises everywhere if we only take the time to look for them. Thanks for sharing and have a great rest of your week. Gina

  3. Great photos…love the one of the poppies with the weathered barn in the background.

  4. Inspiration IS everywhere, and yours was a doozy!!!!!!! Those gorgeous orange flowers against that deep blue sky…heavenly!

    It may be weird, but pretty much everything around me inspires me. I have the equivalent of a…shall we say “pharmaceutically-enhanced” mind that makes everything around me something that it’s not. I sit and stare at things sometimes until I can see something totally different in my mind’s eye. Like I said…weird!

  5. Oh how I would LOVE to see such a field of poppies! Interestingly… (ironically?) wildflowers growing along the road is exactly what has been inspiring me. Ours are yellow, and they are everywhere. I told my husband that I’m positive they were not here last year because last year was my year of “yellow”, and I would have noticed.

    Honestly, I had all but forgotten about wildflowers after all these years of drought.

  6. Those beautiful fields would be inspire me no end. I love to be outside and take inspiration from just anywhere. You never know where and when it will hit. Thanks for reminding us to open our eyes. xo marlis