Mountain Cabin: A Christmas Theme

It’s almost time for another Notecard Party at A Haven for Vee, and I love joining the party!


Since I’m smack dab in the middle of my Themes of Christmas series, I had to decide on at least one picture I’ve already posted here that would complement one of the themes I want to do.


I decided.  Today’s theme is Mountain Cabin ChristmasI hope Vee doesn’t mind that I followed the urge to add some Christmas cheer to the previously-posted pics…


Welcome to a very rustic cabin in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.

Mountain Cabin Christmas 1

Come right on in.

Mountain Cabin Christmas 2

Make yourself at home… Just be sure to close the door.

Those ol’ black bears need to stay on the other side of it.

Mountain Cabin Christmas 3

Feel that chill in the air?  Snow’s expected overnight.

Sure do hope you brought your sled.  Tomorrow’s gonna be a fun day!

Mountain Cabin Christmas 4

Elements of a Mountain Cabin Christmas theme:

(You may notice some things in common with the Woodland Christmas theme.)


  • Bears, birds – and other wildlife
  • Berries
  • Pine boughs and pinecones
  • Holly
  • Snow
  • Grapevine
  • Plaid, felt, or burlap ribbon and tree skirt

Have you ever spent Christmas in a mountain cabin?

Would you want to – ever?

Mountain Xmas notecards

To learn more about the Smoky Mountains “back in the day,” you might like to read about Christy.


Themes-of-Christmas-001This post is part of my December 1-31 Themes of Christmas series. If you missed previous themes, they’re all listed HERE.  Get the rest of them delivered straight to your inbox by signing up now.


  1. Oh I just loved the book and tv series Christy! What a darling cabin. I’ve spent time in a cabin at Christmastime and it was glorious but a lot of work hauling all the extra.

    I have featured HOPE UNLIMITED on my blog today. I hope you’ll stop by.

  2. Oh, how I would love to be tucked away in the warmth of an old-fashioned log cabin!!!! It all seems so romantic! As long as there’s indoor plumbing, plenty of heat and my hubby’s there, all is right with the world!!! Great theme!

  3. I haven’t spent Christmas in a cabin, but I think it would be fun.

  4. No, I don’t think that I would, but I would certainly enjoy visiting. I loved “Christy.” One of my all-time favorites when it first came out. And I even loved the tv show with Kellie Martin an Tyne Daly.

    I love the Christmas embellishments. I often rework a photo formerly posted and, most especially, for the Note Card Parties. It’s fun to give an old photo some new life.

    So glad that you squeaked in! It’s such a busy time for everyone.

  5. Susan!!!! I’m so happy to hear from you!!! I still have your old blog on my sidebar, and I keep wondering where/how to find you! I love your new one! Wow! I wonder when I’ll take the plunge and move to WP.

    My brother and SIL live in a beautiful log cabin that I photograph each time I go over then don’t get around to doing a post…there’s just something so strong and historical about a log cabin. I love to spend time there!

    Thanks so much for taking the neighborhood tour with me 🙂

    I wish you and all those you love (including the girls) a very happy Christmas season. ~Zuni

  6. Love your Mountain Cabin Christmas — especially the bear! Fun! Merry Christmas!

  7. I would love to spend Christmas in a mountain cabin!! So cozy and with lots of snow please!! Stopping by from the notecard party over at Vee’s ,,,,thanks for sharing yours!!

  8. I think it would be lovely to spend Christmas in a log cabin!
    You’ve created such pretty note cards – I especially love the red and white borders – GORGEOUS!