Best Linen Cleaner

For many years, my favorite product for cleaning vintage linens was Restoration, and I sold it on Etsy.  It works very well, and so in all fairness to the product, I’m leaving customer testimonials below.



MAMA’S MIRACLE LINEN SOAK is my new favorite vintage linen cleaner.

After so many years of dancing with Restoration, be assured:  I don’t take changing dance partners lightly!

Mamas Miracle-001

See my comparison of the two products HERE.



So how did Mama’s Miracle win me over?

  • It works just as well as Restoration.
  • It can be used on SILK! (It’s the first vintage linen cleaner I’ve found that can.)
  • It comes with amazing customer service—from someone who knows vintage linens firsthand.
  • It has a great “behind the scenes” story.


Although the testimonials below are for Restoration, I am certain the same successful results—and more!—can be achieved with Mama’s Miracle Linen Soak. (Read my first “silk” success story HERE.)


Susan, you have another winner!  My 33- year-old wedding veil. It was yellow/grey with age and had some oxidation stains. … I was really excited to see what the veil would look like when cleaned.


It’s beautiful!!! Just like the day I wore it. … I will be using it as a decoration at my daughter’s bridal shower in August.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~ Lori (Perry, OH)

* * * * *

I had a christening gown (french batiste, all handmade by my mother) that was almost 40 years old and was horribly dingy. I did a ‘test run’ on the bonnet, and it was fabulous. However, it was not as discolored as the main dress. Last night I decided to go for broke and did the slip and the dress… May I tell you that the gown and slip are as pristine as the day they were worn by my oldest son 38 years ago! They are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for publicizing this wonderful product! I never, ever dreamed that this dress would ever look so wonderful. As a side note: my best friend’s daughter is expecting her first child, so the gown is now ready to go again! Thank you again! ~ Nancy (Baton Rouge, LA)

* * *

It’s just amazing! I have soaked some vintage linens in it, and they look great. It also removed some stains in napkins that I had thought hopeless beforehand. I’m going to put it to work on some more linens I ordered. Can’t wait to see it do its trick! ~ Mrs. Magpie (Sheila)

* * *

I have beautiful lace-inlaid tablecloths and napkins made by my mother’s grandmother for her own trousseau, and I’ve held them for years because there were some yellow spots. Now the ones I’ve soaked are immaculate. Thank you for your help. ~ Susanne (Georgetown, TX)