Nutcrackers: A Christmas Theme

Can you believe it? There’s not a single Nutcracker in the ridiculous amount of Christmas decorations I own. Not one.


Oh, I’ve been tempted many times, but I have this idea that unless I own THREE of something, it’s not a collection… and if I’m going to have one nutcracker, I’d like a collection.  See the problem?


And so, several years ago, I was a good little girl and decided I would not start another collection.


May I just tell you that I think nutcrackers are really amazing?  They’re colorful, and stoic, and handsome… and they stand (stately, of course) in such wonderful contrast to cutesy elves and snowmen.



With nutcrackers, you just add a little greenery and a variety of ornaments, and the decorating is done.  Does it get any easier?  I’m thinking nutcrackers should have been my first collection…


Do you have a nutcracker collection? How do you display them?


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  1. Okay get ready to laugh. I had a wonderful collection of authentic German nutcrackers, and I loved them. But, they were part of my treasured decorations that were sacrificed due to the over abundance of Santa’s. I got really weepy the other day thinking of them. I had to shake myself out of my slump.

  2. I own exactly three nutcrackers and have steadfastly refrained from enlarging my collection. They look cute together atop my baker’s rack this year, but three are sufficient, I’ve decided! Of course, there is now a BAYLOR nutcracker, so I might have to change my mind. . . .

  3. Love your nutcrackers. I don’t collect them but my daughter does. This year I gave her a Waterford Nutcracker. I is really beautiful but very different. She really liked it because it was so different from her others.
    Your collection is beautiful, thanks for sharing.