Christmas Wedding: A Christmas Theme

If  you’re wondering why Christmas Wedding is a theme, then I guess you’ve never had a Christmastime wedding at your house!  We’ve had two in our family, and I guarantee you that when a December wedding is on the calendar, the theme is most definitely “wedding!”


Some of you are sitting there wide-eyed and nodding your heads “yes,” aren’t you?


Several couples I know had December weddings.  In fact, two of them are celebrating anniversaries today. Happy Anniversary!  Since I’m always looking for an excuse to plan a wedding, it seemed like a good time to put together a few quick Christmas Wedding inspiration boards.


You read that right:  a few.  Proof that I’m a bit compulsive sometimes when it’s something I love!  🙂


Traditional Reds and Greens

Traditional Xmas Wedding

Beautiful Blues

Xmas Blue Wedding

Soft Pinks

Xmas Pink Wedding

Winter Whites

My favorite today

Winter White Wedding

No matter what colors you prefer, there are a few elements you’ll want to consider for a Christmas Wedding theme. You probably won’t use them all, but each of them will add a touch of Christmas to a December wedding.

  • Poinsettias (They come in lots of colors – even bright yellow!)
  • Forced bulbs (amaryllis, paperwhites, etc.)
  • Roses (especially red, white, or peppermint)
  • Evergreen boughs (Simple urns of evergreens with baby’s breath tucked in are gorgeous!)
  • Mistletoe
  • Berries (holly, cranberries, etc.)
  • Pinecones
  • Ornaments
  • Stockings
  • Candles
  • Christmas trees – full-size with decorations or incorporated into graphic designs
  • Wreaths
  • Garlands
  • Snowflakes
  • Bells
  • Crystal
  • Mirrors
  • Pearls
  • Christmas carols
  • Nativity sets
  • Miniature candy canes tied with ribbon to rice/birdseed bags, bubbles, etc.
  • Bride and groom childhood Christmas photos


Did you have – or have you ever helped plan – a Christmas wedding? What colors and flowers did you use?


You should know…

  • The beaded fairy tale ball gown featured in boards 1, 3, and 4 is available in my Etsy Shop.
  • Most of the pics I took myself, but some were clipped from magazines through the years; sources unknown.
  • More traditional red and green Christmas is HERE.
  • More pink Christmas is HERE and HERE.
  • More ivory and gold Christmas is HERE and HERE.
  • More Winter tablescape ideas HERE and HERE.
  • Christmas Tea inspiration HERE… with some great ideas for a Christmas bridal shower!


Only four days left until Christmas…  Some of you will be having early celebrations this weekend, so I hope you’ll be safe and enjoy yourself.  I certainly plan to!


Merry Christmas to all! I’ll be back tomorrow with yet another Christmas theme… and we’ll keep at it every day through the end of December. Be sure to sign up to get the rest of them delivered via email.


This is part of a Themes of Christmas seriesI hope you’re enjoying it! Previous themes are available HERE.



  1. All of these are so pretty, Susan! We married just after Christmas — the 30th — 41 years ago, and our son married the same day three years ago. It makes for a rather busy holiday season, but the timing was perfect for academics! The year our son married I used their wedding colors (Presbyterian hymnal blue and silver) to decorate our house, as they were marrying in our church. Very fun! Thanks for bringing back those memories!

  2. Just exquisite, Susan. I have been to Christmas weddings that were beautiful. And, I admit to being a lover if weddings.