Sharing Hope

OneOur world has as problem. That’s OUR world; yours and mine. WE have a problem. An orphan problem. They’re everywhere. 27,000 children become orphans. There are 153,000,000 of them. By the way, that’s a conservative estimate; some reports say there are as many as 167,000,000 biological and social orphans.


I realize the facts are daunting, but the reality is fantastic. WE—you and I?  WE can make a difference! WE can come together with one voice … for one purpose:  to see children’s lives transformed.


Don’t believe me? I’ve seen it with my own eyes. We CAN make a difference. It happens one child at a time.


When you click on the Sharing Hope tab, you’ll have easy access to stories of children whose lives are being transformed—and young adults who are alive and thriving, often with families of their own, because someone decided to stand up for them. You can do the same.


Let me ask you a question: Is there a child in your life worth $35/month? A child in your life (or circle of influence) who isn’t in danger of being exploited or trafficked . . . who doesn’t have to use a dirty piece of cardboard at bedtime as a “street mattress” . . . who isn’t living at mortal risk; facing death in the next 3-5 years if life’s circumstances don’t change?


If there is (and I’m pretty sure there is), why don’t you do something in their honor? Something that will literally change the life of one of their little brothers or sisters in the world. Why don’t you join me on the Thrive Team? 100% of your investment will be used to provide hope and a future for a child, and every month you’ll get an email telling how your gift is making a difference. Improve the life of one child (or several) because our world’s orphans are as real as the children in my life and yours. If we turn away, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist . . .  Why am I a member? Well, it all started with a COLLISION.

lifechanging2SEND VALENTINES

When you make Valentines for the “loves” in your life, why not make some extras? There are young girls I know who have been taught that their only value is as a sexual object. Some as young as 10 have already been prostituted, often by their own families. How can they possibly understand what true love is? For these girls, the concept of dating and marriage, love and family, evoke feelings of confusion and guilt and fear.

But their stories don’t have to end there …

In Brazil, the Day of Love is in early Summer. On that day, surrounded by godly women who love them, the girls are taught about true love and purity and what it means to be of value as one of God’s highest creations … and loved by their Creator. As part of their celebration, each girl receives Valentines that show them they are special. Valentines that come from people who took time to make a few extras for someone they don’t know. People like you and me. It’s a small act that has a huge impact on the way young girls think of themselves … and how they face the future.

Joyce was once one of those young girls. Read about the difference a few Valentines made in her life … then go make some Valentines. This is a project you can work on year-round … whenever the creativity urge strikes!


30 Days of Prayer for Hope: Hope Unlimited for ChildrenPRAY

I believe in the power of prayer. So does Hope Unlimited for Children. Throughout its 25 year history, Hope Unlimited has raised united voices in prayer on behalf of the orphaned child. In response, God has brought hope and healing to thousands of children.

Every year since 2013, Hope Unlimited has joined Christians worldwide–all 50 states and 52 countries–to observe Orphan Sunday… and celebrate adoption, fostering, and orphan care that reveals God’s heart.  For the 30 days leading up to Orphan Sunday, prayer is the focus. Send an email to asking to receive this year’s 30 Days of Prayer for Hope emails.

Of course, you can pray any time—on your own or with your family—but why not organize a prayer group … or get your friends or church involved to help you raise a united voice for orphans? Why not plan an Orphan Sunday event for next year? Hope has lots of ideas and resources available HERE.


Orphans everywhere

What are YOU going to do about it?