Vintage Linens

DSCF8488People often ask me, “Why vintage linens?” The answer has so many facets I hardly know where to start … so I usually just say, “Why NOT vintage linens?”


Since you’re here, I suspect you wouldn’t be happy with that answer, so I won’t give it to you. The truth is, we could talk all day about history and handwork, collections and care, laundry and legacies, preservation and practicalities … and stains and storage (for starters!) In fact, my How to Care for Linens & Lace series does just that. Click the links below to read more.

Linen+CareAre you AFRAID of vintage linens?
linen care: why bother?
removing storage stains
removing mystery stains
mystery stain: a story in pictures
removing everyday stains
proper storage
leaving a legacy


Surrounding myself with the handwork of generations past touches the deepest part of my spirit. Whether looking at beautiful, meticulous, barely-visible stitches from the hand of a master seamstress … or crude, unpracticed attempts by a young child … I FEEL. Sometimes I feel respect – for teaching, learning, patience, discipline. Other times I feel appreciation – for beauty, creativity, legacy, modern-day convenience. Although yesteryear’s housewife often had no choice but to create the functional, everyday linens needed by her family, today’s woman has many choices … and one is whether or not to use vintage linens. I choose YES!


There’s much more I could say about the impact vintage linens have had on my life… In fact, I’ve done just that in 31 Life Lessons from Linens. Check it out!
31 Days 2013-001


Favorite Vintage Linens Books:

  • 20th Century Linens and Lace (Elizabeth Scofield and Peggy Zalamea)
  • Collecting Antique Linens, Lace, & Needlework (Frances Johnson)
  • Guide to Lace and Linens (Elizabeth M. Kurella)
  • Legacy of Lace: Identifying, Collecting, and Preserving American Lace (Kathleen Warnick and Shirley Nilsson)


Remember …
The best thing you can do for your vintage linens

is use them!