WRITE: Free Write Day 12

Wow. We’re already more than a third of the way through this 31-day free-write exercise. Thanks for sticking with me! I’m finding some days are easier than others . . .




Some people express themselves through music or art.


I write.


When I feel the need to put my deepest thoughts into some kind of order, I write.




Spill-it-all prayers in a prayer journal.

Letters to the grandsons — for their “someday” reading.

Revealing blog posts.


Writing is therapeutic. Sometimes it’s the only way to quiet the whirling thoughts in my mind; the only way to bring order to chaos.


After an all-in writing session, I feel my pulse slow and my spirit return to rest.


Writing is my release . . .

. . . because sometimes it’s not best to say everything out loud. Sometimes restraint is key.


But sometimes:  writing lets me vent.




What’s your favorite way to express yourself?