CREATE: Free Write Day 3



I’m a creative.


I love the elevated heart rate, the mind-racing thoughts, when I get a new project.


Give me a theme and I’ll play all week!


At best, I’m a B+ art student, but—if you don’t make me draw—I can manage to pull off a few A+ projects.


Original? Not always, but I can sure take an idea an improve upon it — or stretch it a little further — or use it as a jumping-off point.


From tablescapes to ornament wreaths to event planning, I wish I could make money playing! Instead, I enjoy the process. Once the spinning thoughts settle, I enjoy the quiet time of creating. The slow, methodical selection of colors, textures, methods.


I love seeing the final result.


Many times, it’s a complete surprise and not at all the path on which I originally started.




When I see the creativity of others, it gets my own creative juices flowing!


I’d love to tackle something like this one day!


Source: @ajcollette7 on Instagram (Goodwin Brothers Farm – N. Smithfield, RI)

And that great idea reminded me of these three structures at the Dallas Arboretum . . .



. . . which reminded me of these little details I enjoyed there, too!


Such an easy DIY — with amazing impact!

An even easier DIY, but what a difference it makes.

“Hiding” pumpkins under the benches is a great idea! They’re OUT of the way, but from ACROSS the way, they’re a really nice touch. Someone creative had that idea!


If you’re a creative (or a creative-wannabe), check out the Waterlogue app. It lets you take a photograph and turn it into a painting. Then you can use Pixlr to add a border.


Click the picture to read For the Love of Pumpkins. (It’ll give you a behind-the-scenes peek at how those structures at the Dallas Arboretum are constructed.) 🙂

Click the picture to see a beautiful Farm Wedding in Amish Country.


See? I promised you I’d work Autumn inspiration and decor ideas into some of my free-write posts. You’re welcome. 🙂


Have you ever created an Autumn structure like any of these? If so, send me a picture!


Are you inspired to try any of these ideas?


  1. Wow! Those pumpking structures are amazing. My favorite is the one with the little girl inside. Just darling! xo

  2. Wow! Those pumpkin structures are amazing. My favorite is the one with the little girl inside. Just darling! xo