INVITE: Free Write Day 13




When I hit “publish” on a blog post, I’m sending an invitation. You—and anyone else who happens upon this blog—is invited to spend time here. I love it when you do!


But hitting “publish” is sometimes scary.

It’s like inviting guests to come to dinner, then cooking a fine meal and putting out the best china.


Will they come . . . or will they have other plans? If they come, will they enjoy the meal?


Will the conversation flow easily or will it be difficult?


Every time I invite you here, I risk criticism, self-doubt, second thoughts


. . . because each time I extend the invitation, I’m inviting you into my inner sanctum. I’m giving you a peek at who I am — good and bad.


It’s easy to play hostess, but that’s not enough.


Instead, I want to open my door, invite you inside and offer you a chair.


I want this to be a place where facades and judgment are set aside.


A place where we’re both invited to simply BE.


Welcome, my friend. Thanks for accepting my invitation. Stay awhile and rest.


Look around awhile.  Here you’ll find inspiration, encouragement, and challenge.


Which do you need most today?