Journaling the Journeys: Writing Letters to the Grandsons

Two Easter cards … for two little grandsons.

I was certain we’d need them both, but it’s 6:00 PM on Easter evening, and Grandson #2 (now 12 days late) seems to be quite happy right where he is, thank you. I guess this Nonna is a year ahead on her card shopping!



I like to journal, and I’ve been looking forward to starting this one.  Soon, surely …



I have one for Little Man, too.


It contains letters I’ve written to him over the two-and-a-half years of his sweet life; the first one was written in August 2009 at 7:15 AM and begins, It looks like today is going to be your birthday!



I wrote seven letters to him throughout that day while we waited.  Some were only a paragraph long; others more substantial.  They are a written record of family members and friends waiting to meet him … the beautiful day turned to torrential rains … my prayers for his and his Mommy’s protection, and his Mommy’s and Daddy’s stamina.



Finally at 9:50 PM …


Oh, Little Man, your Mommy’s doctor just drove up in front of the hospital dressed in her scrubs — and marched with intent toward your Mommy’s room.  Now we are about to meet each other…  Come safely, Baby.  Your family loves you!  ~Nonna


9:59 PM      OHN     9 lbs. 9 oz.     22″ long


There was one final letter at 12:45 AM after I’d held him (though not long enough) and emailed pictures and a birth announcement to family and friends … and then another on the first morning of his life.



If you’ve been a follower here for awhile, you know that I had the privilege of keeping Little Man during the day while his Mommy worked … and then his Daddy (my Favorite Fatigue Wearer) received orders from the Army to move elsewhere.



It’s sometimes fun to re-read the letters because they remind me of many of the “little things” so easily forgotten.  Even though I’ve written enough letters to warrant a repair to the journal, I still wish I’d recorded more …



But today, that second book awaits …

still full of blank pages and letters to be written.  This time will be a little different.  Renaissance Man and I won’t be sitting nearby in a waiting room; instead, we’ll be at Little Man’s house playing and keeping him in his usual routine.  But you can be sure this Nonna will be praying fervently … and recording some of the day’s events as they unfold.  I can’t wait to open the book and finally write, It looks like today is going to be your birthday!



What about you?  Do you keep journals?  Do you write letters to the children in your life?  What motivates you — or discourages you from keeping journals?  Just curious …


I’ll be joining Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch
and Blue Monday at Smiling Sally.  Won’t you do the same?


  1. I journaled for many years. However, it seems once I started blogging I kind of quit journaling. I am saving my blogs though and transferring them to printed words so that the grandkids can read them someday.

    What a beautiful project you took on there and what a blessing they will be to your grandkids someday- xo Diana

  2. Yes, I keep a journal. Also, I have some “letters” that I have written for our first grandchild, a boy, now 8 1/2 years old. I haven’t done much for our second one, a girl,
    however, and this post gives me some motivation to begin that for her. She will be six in August, so I have a lot of catching up to do!

  3. Okay…I am crying…my heart just swells with thoughts of future grand children and the place I will hold in their hearts. You have given them a beautiful gift…just priceless, totally priceless

    I have tried to write to my kids through the years…both the good and the challenging…I have to say, I slowed down some and need to pick it back up…poor number 6 doesn’t have as many entries in my book…and yet, being the last he is a total joy, from a totally bias mom!

  4. No, I’ve never done writings like these; what a beautiful gift to give your grandchildren! How fortunate they are to have YOU for a grandmother! Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Susan.

  5. Hi,Susan. Yes, I wrote letters to my two sons (now 33 & 34) from before they were born, and I’ve done that for our first baby granddaughter–in fact, I often would jot down cute things she did or said so I could transfer them to her book, but of course I never told her I was writing them down. One day she was in the car with my husband and me, and she said something that made us burst out laughing, to which she said, “Ata, [her name for me], are you going to write that down?” Of course, we laughed all the more! How did she know I’d been jotting things down?! They don’t miss much! 🙂 I love going through these journals, because you’re right, we’d forget those precious little things if they weren’t written down.

    How you must miss Little Man after having him there for 20 months…my heart aches just to think about it. And though you won’t be at the hospital, you have been entrusted with the most important job–staying with him on his baby brother’s birth day. My best wishes to you and your growing family. Blessings. ~Zuni

  6. Congrats on grandson #2!!! What a sweet sweet gift for them!

  7. I have been away from blog land but have tried to check emails to see if there was a new boy in the house. He is definitely cut from The Practical One’s cloth!! I hope that at this very moment you are reading through the pages that you got to write and thinking of what you are going to write next.

    Will be checking!!

  8. My blogs are y online journals:)It’s very important to keep journals..

    Visiting for Blue Monday-hope you can stop by:)