REMEMBER: Free Write Day 11




How I’d love to hear their stories!


The couple in this picture has lived long enough to have a lifetime of memories — some good, some bad.


Same for us, no matter our age.


Life dishes out both hard times and ones we’d like to remain in “forever”. But Life keeps moving us forward, and how we respond to the ebb and flow of it is a choice we have to make.


It’s easy to focus on the hard times, the “what ifs”, and the “could’ve beens”.


But I’d rather take my cue from the wisdom and joy I see in these wrinkled smiles:  Choose joy!


Choose to focus on the beauty, the happiness, the positive memories.


The entirety of our lives make us who we are, but the way we remember its moments and respond to them makes us a person others want to be around — or not.




What’s one positive thing you choose to remember today?

Won’t you share it in the comments? We’d love to hear your story!


  1. Patricia Netherton says:

    Seeing our granddaughter take her first communion on Christmas Eve in our church.

  2. This is so true. We all have had bad things happen in our lives but we can’t dwell on those. Choose the joy! 🙂