BRAVE: Free Write Day 19

For the 19th day in a row, you’ve received a post from me.

That’s a lot of posts—with more to come daily through the end of the month.


Thank you for sticking with me! Thank you for supporting me as I stretch my impromptu writing skills. Thank you for helping me organize my thoughts.


Thank you, too,  for discreetly hitting “delete” if you don’t have time to read a post one day. When I see “one less subscriber” notifications in my inbox, the doubts kick in. 🙁


Did you know it takes a little bravery to be a blogger—or sometimes a lot?





I love blogging. For over seven years it’s been part of my life.


Some days it scares me silly.


Some days it’s hard to hit “publish” because I don’t know how you’ll respond. I’ve learned through the years that subscribers leave when I mention God or faith. I guess we didn’t have much in common.


I love DIY and tablescaping posts as much as anyone, but may we just be honest?


In the big picture, they really don’t matter, do they?


When the proverbial chips are down . . . when wildfires rage hot or hurricanes blow tragic, when a loved one’s health—or our own—is compromised, when a marriage crumbles or a child struggles . . . the daily “pretties” simply don’t matter.


And so I come to this place here in Blogland to balance the pretties with things that DO matter. To bring inspiration through DIY and tablescapes as well as encouragement and challenge.


To help myself—and hopefully you—focus on the ultimate interior design:

Interior design of the soul.


So when I hit “publish”, I often do so with a prayer for courage. Mine and yours.


A prayer that priorities—mine and yours—will be healthy for each of us and those around us.


I’ll get more “ones less subscriber” emails. That’s okay.


But if you happen to think this place here in Blogland is worthwhile, that it contributes to your life in a positive way, I hope you’ll pick a post from my past—one that’s more than a “pretty face”—and share it on FaceBook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Send the link in an email to someone you think will appreciate it.


Do the same when you read other “brave” posts by other bloggers.


I assure you . . . they dig deep for courage when they hit “publish”, too.




If you’re a blogger who’s ever taken a deep breath before hitting “publish”, I invite you to share a link to that post here in the comments. This is a safe space! I’d like to read your post — and share it with my readers. (Invite your blogging friends to do the same!)