REST: Free Write Day 31




Thirty-one days of free-writes . . .


Let’s give it a rest!


Thanks for indulging me and encouraging me to push myself through these last four weeks. It’s been an interesting experience.


Previous 31-day series have had themes. I’ve worked ahead a lot. I’ve enjoyed of the posts.



This time was different.


There was no theme to grab on to. Each topic brought a variety of thoughts to mind.


There was no REST in the writing.


But I’m glad I pushed through. Glad, too, it’s over. 🙂


I think I’ll still enjoy the Five-Minute Fridays (although it’s possible I’ll skip a week or two). But IF I do a 31-day series in the future, I can almost guarantee it will have a theme.


Themes are good for me.

They’re refreshing, even when the task of writing and compiling photos is time-consuming.


Perhaps, if I’m lucky, by this time next year I can write for 31 days straight on lessons I learned from building my Finally Farmhouse!


We live in hope…