BECAUSE: Free Write Day 25




While I may have a love-hate relationship with my cell phone, there’s one part of it that has revolutionized my life.


The camera.


It’s the perfect addition to my day.


The phone camera is always at the ready. Always a quick reach away.


Whenever I see something I want to photograph, it’s there. No more missed moments.


While I still take my big camera with me on occasion, it’s not usually accessible for the spur-of-the-moment pics. The ease has revolutionized my photography. It’s stretched my artist’s eye.


It’s helped me slow down and live in the moments.


That is a gift!


Time is a gift . . . and so are these treasures.


Some are more blog-worthy than others, but all represent a “because I want to remember” moment.




Because I can identify!

Because it was this year’s first preview of Autumn.

Because the lacy shadows caught my eye.

Because a new downtown property owner found original gooseneck lights in his building. SCORE!

Because I did a double-take when I saw this barn door ingenuity.

Because I get it!

Because the 4-year-old has talent!

Because the peacock appeared out of nowhere . . . and the light was perfect . . . and there were no cars coming.


Do you take “just because” pics? Are they random like mine—or do you have a favorite subject?