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I walked around a corner and saw them:  these shoes, sporting their cute looks along a wall. Once again, those girls showing their creative side . . . their “cute”.




Those girls. They’re following a new path.


The one they were born into wasn’t pretty.


Abuse, neglect, abandonment, trafficking.


The girls no longer wonder if they’ll be safe at night. No longer worry about whether or not there will be food to eat—or a bed to sleep in. Those cardboard “street mattresses” weren’t very comfortable.


These girls no longer follow the path of poverty, teen (or childhood) pregnancy, and uncertainty.


Instead, they’re living in homes with house parents who love them unconditionally — and “siblings” who are also learning what it means to be a child, sometimes for the first time.


They’re attending school and learning vocations so they can get a job and have a stable future.


They’re learning that the future doesn’t have to look anything like the past.


They’re breaking cycles of generational poverty and bad choices.


They’re children at Hope Unlimited for Children in Brazil. They’re learning to follow rules, follow the example of godly men and women, follow their dreams.


They’re following the path of hundreds of previous Hope graduates now living transformed lives. Graduates whose “next generation” now enjoys a childhood much different from that of their parents.


I’m blessed to follow their stories.




Go HERE to read some of the children’s stories. They’re truly amazing!


  1. What an inspiration! Thank you for this.

    We’ve tried to do something similar with unwanted and abandoned Pit Bulls. To give them a safe place to rest, and someone to hold their paws when they remember the hurt.

    And to know that they have a forever home, and forever love.