GIVE: Free Write Day 21


Sometimes giving is exhausting.


It takes energy and resources to give. Sometimes giving takes more of us than we have to offer—literally.


Sometimes we givers have to slow down and find balance.


But sometimes, we need to dig deep; to prioritize what and to whom we give.


Because sometimes our gift can literally change the future.




Sitting in the room with me are men and women who hail from all over the world; Brazil, England, California, Arizona, Idaho, New Jersey, Tennessee.


They are givers.


Money, wisdom, creative thinking, time.

Prayers, love, encouragement.


They are the board of Hope Unlimited for Children, and for the past ten years, they have been my friends.


They have families and businesses that need them, yet twice a year they gather on behalf of orphans and vulnerable children. Although some of the faces have changed, this board has met for 26 years.


Twenty-six years . . . giving of themselves.

Giving hope to children who are abused, abandoned, exploited—often by their own families.


Gifts of themselves resulting in broken cycles of poverty and abuse. The next generation of lives so very different from their parents’.




It’s a humbling question to ask ourselves:  Are my gifts changing someone’s future?