CONNECT: Free Write Day 28




Life is no dot-to-dot picture.


We don’t get a hint at what the future looks like. We don’t even know how many dots there will be to connect.


Will our life be long, short—or somewhere in between?


Will the final picture be happy, sad—confusing?


I love watching children do their first dot-to-dot pictures. Some children know their numbers well and follow exactly as intended. For others, the final product is a little bit “off”.


Life is like that, too.


Some people appear (on the surface, at least) to follow a clear path that leads to good things happening. Others take a lot of detours; some of their own making and some not.


And yet, if we had eyes to see the preview lines, we might look at people differently.


We might help them along the way to get to their determined end. Help them connect the dots.


We might let others help us connect ours.


We might be kinder to ourselves if we could see what God sees.




Have you ever had the privilege of “seeing” a path for someone? Something they couldn’t see on their own? Were you able to help them connect the dots?