REFINE: Free Write Day 30


I love this photograph. It’s the perfect combination of plain and fancy, simple and sophisticated. Both extremes are beautiful in their purest forms.


Both have value.


This photograph perfectly portrays what comes to mind when I think of “refined” people.




A refined person is NOT necessarily one of great wealth or aristocratic upbringing. They are NOT someone who’s snooty or old-fashioned. They don’t always know which fork to use.


I’ve known many refined people, and they all have things in common—regardless of bank balance or upbringing.


A person of refinement is kind, polite, respectful.


They are always thoughtful—in words and deeds.


Learning is important to them; they’re always trying to improve themselves whether it’s getting a doctorate or a GED. Sometimes it doesn’t involve formal education but simply stretching out of their comfort zone to make a difference in a new space.


Refined people always try to look their best. They have clean hair and practice good hygiene. Their clothes are at least well-mended, and their shoes are clean.


They’re learning to hold their heads high, practicing good posture—even when others judge them, or they judge themselves.




Have you ever known a “refined” person who didn’t fit the world’s definition? Do you think “refinement” is an asset—or a leftover from days gone by?