TELL: Free Write Day 2




TELL:  It’s a word loaded with explosive possibilities.


Tell a secret.

Tell a lie.

Tell a story.


The consequences of telling could be grave ones indeed.


But to NOT tell? Sometimes grave consequences there, too.


I’ve found that telling my story—even the sometimes uncomfortable parts of it—is important. I don’t mean an “airing dirty laundry” telling, but one that shares my humanity and “real” with others.


We’re all insecure, aren’t we? We all have things in our stories that are hard to talk about.


Sometimes talking isn’t appropriate, but sometimes . . .
Sometimes, in just the right setting, telling those parts of our stories is exactly what’s warranted.


Sometimes being vulnerable with those around us opens up doors for their healing—and ours.


I once shared a tragic story from my past with a woman who was experiencing a very public tragedy herself. She thought she was alone; she certainly felt alone! She felt like she was being watched by everyone — and found to be strange.


I assured her I understood her feelings.


I told her she didn’t owe an “update” to everyone who asked how she was doing.


Her story was hers to tell—when and if she wants to.




The same is true for you. Your story is YOUR story. It’s yours to tell—or not.


If there’s a part of your story you’re willing to share with us, please leave a comment.


My Place to Yours is a place to find inspiration, encouragement, and challenge. Which one do you need most today? Do tell!


After the automatic publishing of this post early this morning, I woke up to the news of the tragic massacre in Las Vegas. My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected. If you haven’t already done so, TELL someone you love them today. Life is precious.