HOPE: Free Write Day 4


Would you rather have less hope — or be hopeless?


Hope is a word that evokes all sorts of thoughts, isn’t it? When life is hard, we dig deep to find hope — because otherwise we’d simply quit. And quitting isn’t an option.


Hope is the “thing” that lives in our inner beings that spurs us on. I find hope in the seasons of nature (and life) and in the knowledge that the sun will rise and set today — and tomorrow.


Ultimately, I find hope in God, the creator of all.


Can I physically see his face? No.

Can I audibly hear his voice? No.

Can I reach out and touch him? No.


And yet . . .


I see him in a child’s voice, a senior’s wisdom, an unexpected experience.


I feel his presence — because I’ve experienced his faithfulness.




Therefore, what is my hope, if not you alone, Lord Jehovah?

(Aramaic Bible in Plain English)


And so I ask you the question:  Would you rather have less hope—or be hopeless?


If you happen to find yourself feeling a bit ragged around the edges today, perhaps you can find hope in these words written by Maryleigh at Blue Cotton Memory.