OVERCOME: Free Write Day 27




For the past 11 months, Renaissance Man and I have lived in only 300 square feet.

Most of that time, it’s been fine—really. But yesterday . . .


The space started closing in, and I was *almost* overcome with a really gripe-y attitude.




My desk was messy. (Still is). The floor needed swept. Books needed to be put away. (Still do.) The TV was distracting me.


And we’d spent the morning meeting with Builder #4.


The meeting was positive, but (as my husband said afterward) we’re a bit jaded. We’ve been down this road before—three times—and we’ll “believe it when we see it”.


Thankfully, a short walk straightened out my mind and allowed me to return to our tiny house a kinder, less overwhelmed person.


Actually, I’m overcome with gratitude for this little space we call Home.

It’s truly been a godsend, and I’m glad we haven’t been in the middle of a house build with all of the uncertainties of this past year. Things appear to be settling down and paths are starting to appear.


We’re hopeful.




When’s the last time you felt overcome by something? What was it?


  1. A messy house gets to me, too! And I love to walk to clear my head! Currently I am overcome by parenting stresses. 🙂 Teenagers and one college aged daughter. Fun to stop in and see your post!

  2. It can be hard to check bad attitudes. I know this well myself. My messy house also seems to close in on me, but I try to remind myself that this space is a huge blessing. Less than a year ago we were a family of five in a space much smaller than this, and now there is room to breathe, even if the kids do tend to trash every bit of it. 😉 Thanks for the important gratitude reminder.

  3. A year ago I was where you are now and I had to overcome my anxiety of a new house and all that goes with it and replace it for gratitude for the little apartment we were staying in that allowed us a front road seat to watch our house dreams become reality! Loved your post, Cindy

  4. The last time I felt overcome was NOW. I wrote about it today. I am so overcome that a project that I had made great progress on has to be reworked. I really feel overcome, but this is a very short contract so when it’s done I will be relieved and on to the next thing. God is good and does good. 🙂