REVISE: Free Write Day 24


Look closely at this picture. I’ve waited a long time to share it with you. It brings to mind a few days I’ve had!


Have you ever had a day (or year!) like this—when everything seemed to go wrong?


Of course you have . . . and so we all do things to try to avoid problems.


We revise.


Revise recipes to make them healthier


Revise words to make them kinder.


Revise travel plans to make them more convenient.


Recently I saw a revision that made me want to scream. Still does!




Flipping through the real estate listings, I saw a gorgeous Craftsman-style house. When I clicked on it, I saw a house under construction.


Oh, the “hook” picture was the architect’s rendition. The house for sale is under construction.


The house for sale is a watered-down, cookie cutter rendition of a house.


Look . . .



The most obvious revision is the bank of windows within the main gable. From two well-proportioned sizes to three smaller, same-size windows.


Bad choice.


And the window in the garage gable? Another bad choice.


Then look at the windows on the porch:  Original house — tall  with classy transoms. The new construction — short and boring.


Even if the porch is finished out with the originally-designed columns, this will NOT be the same house. It will NOT be special.


Someone decided to revise  . . . to cut costs . . . to “dumb down” the design.


Someone made a really bad choice.


How about this? REVISE when it brings improvement. Otherwise, leave it alone.


Some things are just right as they are.