SHARE: Free Write Day 18



The concept of sharing is one that’s long intrigued me.


If you watch children play, some are quick to share their toys while others pitch a fit royale if someone wants to play with the same one as they.


Is that an innate trait — willingness to share — or is it only taught?


And adults . . .


Have you ever noticed that some are quick to give to others, loaning temporarily or an outright gift . . . while others hold tight to whatever they have? The fit-throwing of childhood is no more, but the “holding on” characteristic remains.


I love to be around people who share — not because I want something from them, but because I love the kind of people they are. They tend to hold worldly goods loosely, always ready to give away or perhaps just share for awhile to make someone’s life or experience better.


Share a meal, a recipe, a good book. Share a story of encouragement or hard-earned wisdom.


Share a kind word—or simply a smile.




When’s the last time someone shared with you? What’s the last thing you shared?