STORY: Free Write Day 6




We all have a story. One of my favorites began 5.5 years ago after what seemed an eternity of waiting.


Our Little Sir (second grandson) was born, and the addition of another little boy in our world was beyond thrilling.


Last night, I got to FaceTime with this little one and his big brother. It was a special “happy birthday” call to this Nonna, and I loved it! You see, those boys and I, we love reading stories, making up stories, telling stories.


Most of all, I love watching their stories unfold.


Last night, Little Sir spontaneously broke into song as “Happy Birthday to You…” poured out of his little self. He loves music and singing, but he does NOT like to perform, so no “on demand” requests.


But when he’s comfortable and wants to do it, it’s the most beautiful part of his story to behold — watching him love unconditionally—and last night on my birthday, I felt loved unconditionally.


I’m so grateful to be part of his story — and grateful for the love and music he adds to my life!




Is there a special story you’re watching unfold right now — or one you’re writing?


  1. I love facetiming and watching how little ones’ stories unfold! My boy is seven, and it’s such a joy to see him grow. I’ve also just written a book called Those Who Wait, based on four Bible characters who struggled with waiting. For me, it’s been a real joy to see how the Bible stories can rewrite us. I’ve written them almost as a novel, but with reflective questions and exercises so we live it, too. I’d love it if you checked it out!

    In the meantime – wishing you all the best as you live and write your story.

  2. Oh, this sounds wonderful!
    May you have many more opportunities to see this story unfold and rejoice along the way!

  3. This is just so lovely, Susan. As one with no children, and obviously no grandchildren (though I would not live long enough in any event), it brought unbidden tears.

    #2 at FMF this week.