Finally Farmhouse update – and a 24-hour question

The bad news:

The builder we chose for our Finally Farmhouse was diagnosed with cancer. We’re broken hearted for him. If you pray, I hope you’ll pray for Danny as he spends the foreseeable future focusing on his health.


What do you see? I see a crown.


The good news:

We met with another builder this morning; someone Danny recommended. His name is Jeff.


I really liked him!


He immediately caught the vision we have for our home and, like Danny, he’s very familiar with using reclaimed wood and salvaged pieces.


We have a lot of those!


He’s willing to work with subs with whom we already have really good relationships — and and y’all, he’s worked with my all-time favorite painter and has the same respect and appreciation for him that I do! Somehow just knowing that makes me breathe easier.


May not look like much, but it’s progress!


So what now?


Now we wait for Jeff to pair our blueprints, inspiration pics, and spec sheet with today’s conversation and turn all the info into numbers.




Yes, those kinds of numbers. Cha-ching.


Once that’s done, we’ll see how to proceed.


View looking up the hill


In the meantime, we’re making time for a 24-hour vacation in the middle of a working weekend.


I’m going to Texas to look for bluebonnets!

I don’t think I’ve seen bluebonnets for at least 20 years . . . and that’s waaaaaay too long for this Texas native.


Hopefully I’ll have a chance to stop back here and post some pictures, before next week. If not, I’ll definitely put some on Instagram, so be sure to follow along! Just click the link over on my sidebar—or search IG for myplacetoyours.


I hope you all have a great weekend! Before you leave here, though, leave a comment and answer this question:


If you could take a 24-hour vacation this weekend, what would you do?



  1. Well, a 24-hour vacation would take me to Abingdon, VA to go to Barter Theater! If budget was roomy enough, staying in the Martha Washington Inn would be lovely! Dinner at the Tavern would also be wonderful! The Creeper Trail is also an option. Now that I think about it, 24 hours might not be long enough.:-)

  2. Bluebonnets! Seeing them is definitely on my bucket list. One of these days. Enjoy.

    Good news about the farmhouse. I’m so excited for you.

    24 hours. Hmmm? Charleston

  3. I hope you CAN see bluebonnets someday. They’re quite the sight to behold. As for Charleston, that’s on MY bucket list. 🙂