SALVAGED TREASURES: New old finds for our Finally Farmhouse

Happy new week to all! Before catching you up on the Finally Farmhouse, I must say THANK YOU to everyone who’s shown such wonderful support for the Valentine Project I posted about last week. You simply have no idea how the little gift of a Valentine can make such a difference in a young girl’s future! If you missed it, click the link and check it out. Go ahead. I’ll wait.


Transformation. Restoration. Second chances.


I’m a big fan.


Since my last post focused on the life transformation of precious young girls, today’s focus isn’t even in the same league—but it’s a whole lot of fun!


Renaissance Man and I have been salvaging treasures for our in-the-works farmhouse.


1898 farmhouse in Concord/Cabarrus County, NC: slated for demolition


This 119-year-old, one-family farmhouse yielded a houseful of solid wood, 5-panel interior DOORS . . .


A couple of doors had original white ceramic knobs.


. . . and this antique Victorian screen door.  Sigh



Sadly, we left a few things behind . . .


Original light fixtures

Octagon-shaped porch posts

Primitive “gingerbread” trim


Another day our salvage focus was WINDOWS . . .


These beauties were salvaged from an old train station somewhere in the Northeast but ended up here in East Tennessee.  Lucky me!



Renaissance Man and I both called “dibs” on them immediately!


I have a vision . . .


Sunroom inspiration  (If anyone knows the source of this pic, please tell me!)


So does he . . .


Greenhouse inspiration  (Marie Emilsson, Håkesgård on Instagram)


Fortunately, there are plenty of windows for both projects—

but I reminded him that a house needs to be built before a greenhouse!


But seriously, aren’t those gorgeous greenhouse doors? I haven’t been able to get them off my mind.


Maybe these doors would work for our greenhouse (or my study) . . .  The pretty red, glass-upper French doors ended up at The Regeneration Station in Asheville, NC.


They’re now in our barn.  🙂


The Madison Inn (Black Mountain, NC)


One more inspiration pic for you . . .


Brigadoon (Shelter + Roost properties in Franklin, TN)


If you’ve been a reader here for awhile, you may remember something else that’s in our barn. I’m pretty sure we can pull off a similar log wall.  You can read about that salvage project HERE.


Salvaged logs from early East Tennessee log cabin


How about you?  Are you all about NEW . . . or do you like to breathe new life back into old discards? Do tell!


As long as this little gizmo keeps my wi-fi up and running, I’ll keep sharing this journey with you.  What an adventure we’re on!



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