Our Finally Farmhouse — FINALLY!

Drum roll, please . . .


After 16 months of “tiny” house living (aka coziness in a 300 sq. ft. fifth wheel), yesterday we signed a contract to build our Finally Farmhouse! I hope you’re ready, ’cause I promised a long time ago to take you along for the adventure.


You and I are going to have so. much. fun!


Ours is going to be a new “old” farmhouse. The sunroom will look like a centuries-old log cabin complete with gorgeous hand-hewn logs atop a rock base and windows that once graced a train station somewhere in the Northeast. Added on to that is a house with reclaimed tongue-and-groove plank walls and reclaimed wood floors —and vaulted ceilings in the living room and master bedroom. The kitchen island is an old store counter we salvaged, and a large built-in china cabinet featuring salvaged glass doors and drawers from an old high school science lab will store my dishes.


I envision our house as Fixer Upper + Barnwood Builders + Antiques Roadshow . . . with American Pickers thrown in for good measure.


Our barn will be EMPTY once all of our salvaged stash makes its way into the house!


I just wanted to pop in for a minute this morning to share the good news. If you know anyone who

  • has always wanted to build a house
  • loves farmhouse design
  • appreciates the “new-to-look-old” style
  • enjoys saving/salvaging old treasures
  • likes DIY with antique tools


send them my way!


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More papers to sign at the bank this afternoon and then we’ll start pulling permits while they set up the construction loan.


In the meantime—now that I can put my heart into it—I’ll start sharing some of the behind-the-scenes we’ve been doing in preparation for this day. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this journey with us!



  1. Can you hear my joyful hallelujahs? I am thrilled for you. I will be here every step of the way.💛💛💛

  2. Yay! So excited for you. Can’t wait to go on the journey.

  3. I can only imagine how happy you are! Congratulations on getting underway, and yes, I want to see as much as you can share!

  4. Cynthia Scott says:

    Oh Happy Day!! Susan I am SO happy for you! I hope you have so much fun and I know your home will be so beautiful with all your wonderful plans! Can’t wait to journey with you via your blog!!!

  5. So thrilled for you. I have a feeling you already know where every piece of shiplap will be insralled. CherryKay

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