Things you probably expect to see in my Finally Farmhouse — but won’t!

Let’s play a game . . .


Which of these things do you think we will — or won’t — be including in the construction of our Finally Farmhouse?


Here’s a clue:  You may be surprised.  🙂


Claw foot tub


Shaker chairs

Farm (or trestle) table

Barn door

Salvaged flooring

Stained glass

Subway tile

Industrial lighting

Antique logs

Reclaimed windows

Farmhouse sink

Hex tiles

Dutch door

Bar stools



Well . . . What do you think?



I hope you’re having a good week. We made it to Wednesday! I’ll see you soon with behind-the-scenes pictures. I promise!  I’m trying reeaally hard to finish a few non-construction projects so we can play!


  1. Jody Benge says:

    No barn doors, no shiplap, no chrome, no subway tiles, no Dutch door, no
    Claw foot tub, no industrial lighting, and no
    Bar stools!

  2. Jane HILLIS says:

    And why not? I’m interested to know what direction you’re going?!
    Jane Ellen Hillis

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