The Hunt for Texas Bluebonnets: A 24-hour vacation

Happy Monday! If, like me, you’re still trying to recover from your weekend, here’s a chair.


Sit a spell.


If you follow My Place to Yours on Instagram, you know Renaissance Man and I were “wheels up” before dawn last Friday and headed to Texas.


We were hunting for bluebonnets.


Best we recall, it had been twenty years since we’d last laid eyes “up close and personal” on the state flower of Texas. And since we’re both native Texans, there’s something seriously wrong about that!


We flew into Austin, rented a car, and started working our way west.


First order of business was lunch in Fredericksburg with a couple who supports our work with orphans in Brazil. They actually live at our final destination, but were headed out of town, so we made sure to cross paths at THE most delicious little eatery.


While awaiting their arrival, I had the greatest experience—and took lots of pics to share with you over the next few weeks. You’re gonna love them!



After lunch, we began our bluebonnet search in earnest . . .


Found ’em!



Aren’t they gorgeous?



We also found some red corn poppies, too.



By the end of our first day, however, the landscape began to change drastically.


It’s a different kind of beauty.



It’s not for everyone.

Truth is, while I can appreciate this country, it’s really doesn’t do much for me.


But my husband? This is where his spirit soars!


WILD ROSE PASS Renaissance Man says it’s amazing when everything is green! It’s his favorite place on earth.


Eventually, signs of a booming oil industry begin to appear . . .



. . . and we arrive in Renaissance Man’s childhood home of Pecos, Texas.



Family no longer lives there—and hasn’t in “forever”.  So why the trip?


To say “thank you”


You see, there are some really good and generous people in Pecos, and a couple of weeks ago when we had a crisis in Brazil, Renaissance Man picked up the phone and called one of them:  the man we lunched with in Fredericksburg.


He asked him to pray—and to send a check if he was able.


Our friend did send some money, but the best thing he did was pick up the phone and make a few phone calls. He asked some of his fellow church members to pray—and to send money if they could.


The crisis was averted almost entirely because this small-town community chose to pray and give.

Because one man didn’t think it was “enough” to say a quick prayer and stick a check in the mail. Instead, he went the extra mile and asked his neighbors to join him.


Yesterday my husband and I thanked the church in person. Renaissance Man preached about each of us having gifts—and how they’re made complete when we join them with the gifts of others.


This church is very small; only about 50 in attendance yesterday. But it’s filled with men and women who want to make a difference in their world—both locally and globally. They want to invest whatever money they have in things that matter. They believe Jesus meant what he said about loving our neighbors.


They set a really good example. I’m learning from them.


Which begs the question… Who’s watching us—you and me—these days? What are they learning?