Show me a house with lots of steep-pitched gables, and I’ll show you some old house love.



Condition is irrelevant.


I fall just as hard for the ones losing the battle.

Maybe harder.



I have a friend who once told me she’d really wanted her custom-built home to have lots of gables—but her husband only saw their risk:  Too many intersecting angles/valleys; too many potential leaks.  And so she got her cookie-cutter house.


I don’t want a cookie-cutter house.


I want a Folk Victorian Farmhouse.

  • one-story (though my heart skips a beat over the two-story beauties)
  • big front porch
  • bay window
  • 2/2 double hung windows
  • corbeled chimney
  • decorative woodwork
  • metal roof
  • plenty of gables


And I want my NEW house to look OLD – and added-on over time.


Here she is!

What do you think?


Meets the criteria!


When it comes time, I’ll work directly with the carpenter to work out final trimwork details. 🙂


Until then, we’ll celebrate accomplishments and keep moving forward.

  • Final elevation drawings ✓
  • Soil mapping ✓
  • Staking out the house ✓
  • Septic permit
  • Final blueprints (being printed)
  • Building permit
  • 911 address ✓


And for those of you who are wondering . . . we’re doing just fine, thank you, in our temporary housing. It’s amazing what we can live without.


Life is an adventure. Make the most of it!



  1. Cindy Scott says:

    Hi Susan! Love the house plan! I’m sure it will be so gorgeous with all your planning and attention to detail! I too wanted the built on look except my house is more the southern plantation style. I found a plan, customized with an architect as you are doing and we have loved our home for 15 years now! Good luck can’t wait to see the finished results!!