Happy Monday to all! Has Spring arrived at your house? It has at mine … finally … and with it come blue skies, baby birds, vibrantly-colored flowers and Spring cleaning.”

Those of you who come here often may remember that Carbona is one of my favorite go-to companies for non-storage stains in vintage linens (or everyday laundry). I love these babies …

I also smile when I use these. I wrote about them HERE.

If you’re getting ready to do some heavy-duty Spring cleaning, do yourself a favor and check out Carbona. 

By the way, if you have storage stains in vintage linens and want to do some Spring cleaning on them, I recommend Restoration Linen Cleaner.  It’s available HERE in my Etsy shop … and testimonials from satisfied customers abound!

Is Spring cleaning a ritual at your house?  What’s your biggest cleaning challenge?

Disclosure: I do not receive any compensation from Carbona for writing about their products.  I’m just passing along something I’ve found that works!

Join me for Blue Monday at Smiling Sally.


  1. Can’t say enough about the Restoration cleaner, as you well know!!! Great for the most delicate of fabrics, vingtage and otherwise!

  2. I use those Carbona laundry stain removers and they are fantastic! I also use that silver polish but haven’t seen the wipes….sounds like a great idea- xo Diana

  3. Although my mom brought me up to “Spring house clean,” I do not do it any more. Shh! Don’t let anyone know! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday, Susan.

  4. no it isn’t but it should be….LOL thanks for the tips and products

  5. OK, did I miss an introduction to this fun idea? I have been so topsy turvy with my mind in four hundred places that I either did or already forgot.

    True confession: I love spring cleaning. I also love tips on cleaning. This is right smack dab up my alley.