From Flowers to Feta: A Cheese Lover’s Table

If I were in Texas visiting family today, I’d fix a pretty little plate of cheese and olives and bread and sit out on the back patio where Spring flowers are already spilling over the brick wall … and relax!  Can you believe it was the flowers in a text I received from my Dad earlier this week that inspired this tablescape inspiration board?  I’m telling you … inspiration can come from anywhere!  Thanks, Daddy!

Renaissance Man doesn’t like cheese, but the daughters and I (and Little Man) make up for his disdain!  I’ll quickly admit that my daughters are much closer to being “cheese connoisseurs” than I am, but they taught me a long time ago to branch out from a half moon of good ol’ Longhorn and a can of grated Parmesan.

To see the entire tablescape, click HERE.

When Renaissance Man and I married, it really cramped my cooking style because I actually love casseroles … the more bubbly cheese on top of them the better!  I can’t remember the last time I made a casserole…
What about you?  Do you like different kinds of cheeses?  Do you like to eat them plain … or do you prefer cooking with them?

To see the entire tablescape, click HERE.

Let’s see if this poem from an almost-as-old-as-me cookbook makes you smile, too…

To The Reader
Dear Lady, I beg you
To cook as you please,
But don’t overlook the
Importance of cheese!

As a casserole topping
All bubbly and brown,
It will make your fine cooking
The talk of the town.

As a spread for a sandwich
Or a puffy soufflé
It will help you to cope
On your busiest day.

Its tang and its flavor
Will tempt and will tease;
‘Most all of your dishes
Can be sharpened with cheese!
The Editor


The ABC of Cheese Cookery (1961)


Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I hope you’ll leave a comment and let me know you’re “out there” … but mostly I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!


I’ll be joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.


Credits for “borrowed” pics: Cheeses, Breads, Olives, Cheese board, Mouse picks


  1. a beautiful table. Love your cheeses and collage too. We always use to try all different kinds of cheese. Sadly I can no longer have dairy… so I buy all kinds of cheese for my sweet hubby. hugs

  2. Love the poem! I must share it with my husband who works for the dairy industry … and is a serious dairy pusher here. Cheese. Milk. Yogurt. We can never get or have enough — and I have a tire tube around my belly to prove it!



  3. Oh a cheese lover I am!! Those plates are too much fun. Fun post!…from someone who is in Texas!

    Oh I laughed at your comments on my “Hooky” day…you are so a first born, realize I am saying that because I am one…you started with “It Would NOT”!!! I could feel that strong comment from Tennessee to Texas!!

    Have a wonderful week….and glad to see that “little man” is following after the women in his life!

  4. I’m out here! LOL! I love the casseroles myself too, but my husband is not fond of them. I adore cheese. Pepper Jack cheese is one of my favorites although we have a local cheese company in Seattle that puts out some awesome cheese. Oh my…don’t get me talking about cheese I’ll never stop!

  5. First, let me say that I love the table. The rich blue with those plates is just perfect. That’s such a cute poem. Put me in the I LOVE CHEESE group. I’m like your daughters in that I would try just about any kind. I’m not fond of blue cheese, but every other one is dandy with me. I love a casserole, but my husband isn’t all that fond of them either and so we don’t eat a lot of them here, either.

  6. Loving the plates and the sunflowers…gorgeous!!

  7. I love these colors, Susan, so bright and fun. I echo Debbie. I LOVE CHEESE!! I like to eat it plain and also use it with cooking. I can eat Parmesan shavings endlessly. Oh, and give me a casserole and I’m there. Gosh, this is making me hungry. 😉

  8. Fun post, and I love the inspiration from Dad. Yes, I too, LOOOOVVVVEEE cheesy casseroles! Not low calorie, but a nice splurge every once in a while. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my St. Pat’s china cabinet. ~Zuni

  9. your plates are darling and such a perfect collage~