The Table With Heart …

Whew!  Are you rested up after our trip to Brazil?  I’m not quite up-to-speed yet, but I’m getting there.  Hopefully you are, too.

Those of you who have “traveled” with me in the past will probably remember the table with heart. I told you about it in The Very BEST Tablescape EverIf you missed the story, stop and read it now so this post will make more sense.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait …



Last week, while traveling on behalf of Hope Unlimited for Children, I had a chance to see several more tables with heart … and got to share a meal (and smiles!) around most of them.

The Nave Mae Preschool

located in the Rosalina favela (slum) in Campinas, Brazil


430 little ones whose tummies get filled with nourishing food, whose filth gets washed away, and who experience learning through play.


Their parents, too, are learning—to properly care for and protect their children … because that’s what Mommys and Daddys are supposed to do.


The goal:
Keep these children from ever living on the streets.
To see more of the children, click HERE.

Multiple locations

Campinas, Brazil


100+ children … elementary-age to teenagers whose tummies get filled with nourishing food, whose pain gets refocused by family, education, and play—and who experience hope and transformation through love.


The goal:
Offer hope to children who know firsthand the danger of the streets.


The City of Youth

Click HERE to read more about this event.

Sibling Houses

8 sets of siblings live in neighborhood-based homes with houseparents.

Sibling House #1

Lunch was delicious!  Look at the care they took to set a pretty table. The children were so excited—and well-mannered!

Sibling House #2

Dessert was delicious!  Balloons and smiles make for a wonderful greeting …


These houseparents know exactly the kind of love the children in their home need because they were once streetkids themselves. I met Jardelho and Natalha shortly after they graduated from the City of Youth; they’ve now been married for six years. I met their little Miguel last week. 


We only claim success when our students break the cycle and provide safe, loving homes for THEIR children.  This precious family is one of our many success stories!


This is the newest table with heart. We were all totally surprised to learn it existed … and humbled that we were the first invited to sit around it.  Oh, there’s a beautiful story here, but I’m going to wait another couple of days before I share it with you.  There’s so much I want to say …

Join me at Tablescape Thursday!


  1. I certainly hope you have gotten some much-needed rest! I don’t want you to over-exert yourself and end up tethered to the bed. (I say tethered because that’s probably the only way they’d be able to keep you down!!!)

    There is nothing like nourishing food around a big table to feel the love and friendship! If ever there was a way to gain trust, it’s around the table. I guess that’s why “breaking bread together” is such an important term.

    I already get your email alerts when you post, so I’ll be back to see the story about the newest table with heart!

  2. That little family makes my heart smile. I have a little understanding of what those children have endured because of the history of my four adopted grandchildren. Mine never lived on the streets but the work to repair the damage of early childhood abuse is extremely difficult. I applaud those house parents, the organization and volunteers and everyone who works to heal the wounds!