Tables With A Theme: Part 2 – The COLORFUL Theme

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Tables With a Theme: Part 2 – The COLORFUL Theme


Our 3-week series began last week with THIS post about topical themes followed by THIS topical tablescape. After all, if you’re just learning how to take a tablescape from “empty” Before to “inviting” After, a table with a topical theme is often the easiest kind of table to do.


In my experience, the next easiest tablescape is one that spotlights a particular color — or combination of colors. But how to choose?

There are soooo many colors, aren’t there?

Sometimes they show up in places that REALLY make me smile …

Color Theme01.jpg

Click here to take a field trip to Replacements, Ltd.


We could talk in detail about primary, secondary and tertiary colors.  We could look at charts of analogous and complementary colors. We could even debate whether black and white are colors at all. (I vote YES!) We could discuss shades and tints and color harmony — or talk about color therapy.


But why would we … when we can LOOK at beautiful colors?  We’ll hit a few high spots along the way, but mostly let’s just LOOK. And while we do, notice the perhaps sometimes unexpected combinations of colors.


I hope these will give you some new tablescape ideas.


Since, according to Yours Truly, white IS a color, let’s look at it first.
Color Theme02.jpg

Click here to read about my family linens.


And then let’s watch it pair beautifully with other colors …
Color Theme03.jpg
Color Theme04.jpg

Click here to see this “Tablescaping on a Budget” table.


White with any other color seems so “comfortable,” doesn’t it?

Color Theme05.jpg Color Theme06.jpg


I wonder if that’s why so many of us love transferware dishes.
Color Theme07.jpg

Click here to see the original tablescape.


Primary colors – red, yellow and blue
Such vibrant colors!
Color Theme08.jpg

Click here to see these plates in a tablescape.


Often they like to pair up — leaving out the third.
Blue and yellow …
Color Theme09.jpg

Click here to see the cobalt and sunflowers tablescape … or search this blog for “Summer to Fall” to see the tablescape in the upper left.


Yellow and red …
Color Theme10.jpg

Click here to see the tulips in a tablescape.


Red and blue …
Color Theme11.jpg

Click here to see the “Stars and Stripes” tablescape.


Secondary colors – green, orange and purple
Aren’t they striking?
Green and orange …
Color Theme13.jpg


Orange and purple …
Color Theme12.jpg

Click here to read about this beauty.


Purple and green …
Color Theme14.jpg


Tertiary colors are the combination of a primary and a secondary color
like this blue-green water …
Color Theme15.jpg

Photograph of the Tintagel, UK coastline taken by my youngest daughter whose wedding pictures you can see HERE.


Analogous colors are three side-by-side colors on the color wheel.
Red, pink and purple …
Color Theme16.jpg

Click here to see my Red Dazzle tablescape — or search this blog for “Falling for Wood” to see more of the table on the bottom right.


Green, yellow-green and yellow …
Color Theme17.jpg

Click here to see the “Garden Party” tablescape.


Purple, dark pink and light pink …
Color Theme19.jpg


Pale pink, magenta and red …
Color Theme20.jpg


Complementary colors are opposites on the color wheel.
They’re a very strong combination of colors that makes a memorable statement.
You’ll recognize this red and green “Christmas colors” combination …
Color Theme30.jpg

Click here to see the reversible runner in my Etsy shop.


And the traditional purple and yellow of Easter …
Color Theme29.jpg


Blue and orange …
Color Theme27.jpg

Click here to see the tea set.
This gorgeous navy and rusty-red combo is another “blue and orange” example …

Click here to see this china in a tablescape.

Now here’s where I prove I’m no color expert …


I don’t know how to classify these next color combinations, but I know I love them. I also know they combine beautifully in dishes — and tablescapes!

Pink and green …

Color Theme21.jpg

Click here to see a tablescape with pink roses.


Pink and green — and yellow …
Color Theme25.jpg


And pink and blue … “tried and true”
Color Theme26.jpg

Click here to read about this vintage salt and pepper set.


Then, of course, there’s classic black — paired here with white …
Color Theme31.jpg

Click here to see a transferware tablescape or search this blog for “Two Parties” to see the tablescape on the bottom right.


… and here with red …
Color Theme32.jpg

Click here for Festival of Tables 2008 tablescapes.


… and with hot pink
Color Theme33.jpg

Click here for Festival of Tables 2008 tablescapes.


Of course, there’s always the beauty of an all-silver …
Color Theme34.jpg

Click here to see the “Something Old…” tablescape.


… or all-gold tablescape.
Color Theme35.jpg

Click here to see the entire tablescape.


The combinations of colors are virtually endless — and just waiting for you to start exploring!


Challenge yourself to pick a combination you’ve never used before. Mix and match dishes you’ve never mixed before. (I did that with a friend just three days ago.) You might just find a whole new look that you like! (We did!)

What’s the most unusual-to-you combination of colors you’ve ever tried?  Did you like the result? What color combination would you like to try that you haven’t yet? I hope you’ll leave a comment and tell us!  We all learn from each other, you know …

Color Theme37.jpg

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I hope you’ll stop by again later this week for Tablescape Thursday where I’ll show you a COLORFUL tablescape — or two!

Click for additional source credits:
Umbrella colorwheel
Stack of fabrics
White chandelier – source unknown
Balloons – source unknown


  1. WOW! So much to absorb. Love all your color charts at the top.

  2. Great color charts – thanks for putting them all together.
    Dropping by from Met Monday. I hope you’ll come see the safari nursery.


  3. Wow! Everything is gorgeous! I love all your plates, specially the blue and white calico type…so pretty! Stunning!! Lots of hugs! Come visit! FABBY

  4. Thanks for the beautiful burst of color. Quite a bit of work involved. Inspiring. Ginger 🙂

  5. WOW, what a beautiful post of colors. Everything is just gorgeous. Have a wonderful week!

  6. The creativity in your post is incredible. The colors pencils forming the color wheel–brilliant!

  7. I loved this post. My problem is just sticking to one color or a few with tablescapes because I truly love them all! LOL! This was quite fun to see. Very inspirational too!

  8. That is my problem, I love them all. Any combination. Wonderful information, thanks for sharing.

  9. An art lesson at the table … love it! Happy Monday!

  10. This was a great post to read with such wonderful picture inspiration. I’m often surprised by new color combinations that were once not all that traditional (blue and orange or brown and pink, for example.) It’s so fun to see how pretty things are outside the box.

    And still, I like to step outside and see what God has put together in nature, too.

    Loved this. It exemplifies the term “eye candy” to me.

  11. Wow that is fun for I like to do mix and match since I don’t have many dishes! What a way to deal huh?!! I remember, I heard this somewhere that we just only have to follow nature and we won’t be wrong. I thought of that for a long time and I agree at the end. Color combination on nature are awesome sometimes we can’t believe it’s there. Great post here and would like to see the first post.

    Blue dress

  12. What a fun post! I loved the lesson on colors! 🙂 My fav to wear is Blue and green…. in my home… red and yellow and blue and white…


  13. Just beautiful!

    I played Blue Monday too, please come and see.

  14. Oh my, so much eye candy. All of your pics are stunning and everyone of the flowers and tablescapes are stunning. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  15. Love the color charts – pink and green is my FAVE!

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