Unveiled: Festival of Tables 2010

Several days ago I told you about Festival of Tables.  And then I gave you a sneak peek.  Today it’s time for the big reveal! I’ll warn you that this is a photo-intensive post that may put you on creativity overload!


Each table hostess (or hostesses) selects her own theme. Some people start planning their table for “next year” just as soon as their dishes are washed and put away. Others wait until the last minute then “shop their house” to pull together their tablescape.  What amazes me is that it’s hard to tell the difference!  Everyone enjoys tablescaping, and that shows in their creations.  (By the way, which of those two tablescapers are you — the “plan waaaaaaay in advance” or the “last minute whirlwind?”)


OK … I promised tablescapes, so here they are. Some have a few more pictures than others; that is a direct result of the inconsistent photography skills of yours truly. Even so, I think I’ve managed to give a good overview of each table, so sit back and enjoy! (Just click the pics to make them even larger!)


Our small-town community needs a new library. Two of our diligent fundraisers did a children’s book-themed table as a reminder of our critical facility needs. Vibrant colors, book jacket placemats, and children’s books — of course!


Anyone want to take a trip to Hawaii? How could you not when this festive table beckons!  Unfortunately, my pics don’t show the string of lights or the little palm tree; both were nice additions! … Did you notice the lei hanging on the back of the chair — awaiting the guest?


I love a patriotic table, and for some reason I LOVE seeing sunflowers with the American flag. Two young mothers worked together on this table. They thought of everything — including NOT lighting the candles because of the sparklers they used in their tablescape!


This table was done by a woman who is a veteran tablescaper. Though she’s in the wintertime of her life, I’ve never seen her miss a tablescaping opportunity!  Look at the detail on those silver bells …


Yes … that IS a cabbage! Doesn’t it make a beautiful and creative centerpiece? The table hostess heard about this idea, found a “how to” online, then tried it out — with great success, don’t you think?  (Click here for the instructions if you want to try this at home!) … Just imagine what other options a purple cabbage would give you …


Do you see the play on words in this tablescape?  Have you also noticed that there’s no plate? At our event, the meal is served on clear plastic plates laid on top of the tablescape dishes, so technically I guess plates aren’t necessary.  This resourceful table hostess decided they weren’t — when she saw an oil painting in a friend’s home that was “the perfect scene” for her tablescape! She contacted the East Tennessee artist who graciously agreed to photograph the painting and reproduce it for her — placemat size. Doesn’t it add a “rugged” quality to her table? So creative!


It’s been HOT in the South this year, and it appears somebody’s ready for cooler weather! There’s something about fall colors that just lifts my spirits. (Do they do that to you, too?)


A young school teacher did this tablescape. Those don’t look like plastic glasses, do they? (Well, they are!) Also, see the great plates with ABCD?  Those are vinyl letters on a clear plate — then stacked between a dinner plate and an apple salad plate. They really made a great statement on her table.


26 and 30 — the ages of the young women who worked together on this table.  They seemed to have lots of fun remembering their childhoods!  How many of these “oldies but goodies” do YOU remember?


Old family silver long unused was pulled out — by a grandmother and granddaughter — and put into circulation for this tablescape.  Look at the beautiful lines of those old pieces …


This tablescape was done by our youngest table hostess. She’s 14 years old, and I believe this was her debut tablescape at Festival of Tables. Nice work, huh? I hope we see her tablescapes for many years to come!


The next two tablescapes were done by the mother of our youngest tablescaper. (Yes, it definitely runs in the family!) Apothecary jars have such a great “presence” in a tablescape — whether they’re left empty or filled with something as fun as Valentine hearts and redhots!


Around this table sat three generations of one family — encircling some of their family’s kitchen heirlooms. This is a great example of how you can “shop your house” and pull together a wonderful tablescape without much expense!


Can you get any more classic than blue and white? It’s as fresh, comforting, and stylish today as it’s ever been! I’m just sorry I didn’t get a “back side” picture to show you the beautiful soup tureen that’s holding up the book …


What a fun tablescape — but a hard one to photograph! The top left picture attempts to show a fantastic sculptured metal caterpillar anchoring a picnic-themed tablescape. Great summertime colors — and, though you can’t see them in the pics, this table hostess even had clip-on metal ant table weights holding down her tablecloth!


Here’s another example of “shopping the house.” This tablescaper likes bright colors, and she just gathered up things she already had and put together a springtime tablescape. She even made “bird’s nest” cookies as the giveaway for her guests!


This is the table I did for the event. Another play on words … and a table that is very “me.” It mixes vintage linens with Goodwill and dollar store treasures – then adds some architectural interest (in this case it’s some of my pitchers; some old, some new.)  Lots of texture.  Lots of visual movement.


LOTS of fun bringing these tablescapes to you … from My Place to Yours!  But, whew!  My brain is on overload thinking of new tablescapes I could do. How about you?  Did you get some good ideas?  Some of you have asked how we DO an event like this, so I’m making this sample planning document available to you. Hopefully it will get you started.
Thanks for stopping by today! I’d love to hear your comments about these tablescapes, and I’ll be sure to share them with my friends!

I’m linking this post to Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch. If you want to see more creative tablescapes, follow me over there …



Happy tablescaping … I hope to see you again soon!


  1. Oh my, they are all so gorgeous and so creative. I just can’t even imagine so many pretty tables in one place. Fabulous eye candy. Now if I can just try to copy a few of these ideas I will have it made. So beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  2. I have been sitting here with my mother looking at all of these fun tablescapes! Her favorite is “Pitcher Perfect”, and mine is… well, all the rest.

    We sure wish that our church or town would do something like this. HOW FUN!!!! This is a terrific post.

  3. I loved it! I am so glad I remembered to come back to see it.
    I have used cabbage as a centerpiece, lol, and then we make cole slaw with it!
    Thank you so much for showing this.
    I so wish we had events like this here!

  4. WOW! I might have really gone into overload if I had seen it in person! What talent assembled in one place. Really–I can’t pick a favorite! Good luck with the fundraising! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  5. So many great ideas! I’ll visit here again because this post is a wonderful resource for entertaining. Thank you for sharing your design tour. Cherry Kay

  6. WOW, those are some great tables, my favorites are Garden Party and A Passion for Blue and White…just beautiful. Thanks for sharing all the tables in one post.

  7. They are all so much fun to look at – and save for future reference! I think my favorite has to be the one with children’s books, as that is a particular passion.

    Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  8. What wonderful ideas. I loved your added comments that let us see behind the table!! Thanks for sharing. Lori L

  9. What fun looking at all those wonderful tablescapes. I’m not sure I could pick a favorite. Would love to do this at my church.

    BTW you didn’t mention one that you did…are you saving it for a later post? You are too talented not to have done one.

  10. These are absolutely amazing! What a fun event. I’m so glad you posted your wonderful pictures. The collages are the perfect way to show the different views of each table. I especially liked the Valentine table for some reason. 🙂

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  11. How fun to see so many creative tables in one post! I almost feel as if I’d attending this fabulous event! Thanks for taking time to post all the pics.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I loved looking at all the tables. Each one was unique, wonderful and inspiring. I loved your tablecloth!!! and the little bows.. the little springs of greenery, the napkins.. Beautiful

  13. Okay so I’m crazy. I KNOW I looked at your blog. Over and over. NOW I see your table. So sorry. It is beautiful. I love how the linens and pitchers look so lovely together. Are the candles peach or just a lovely soft glow? Wonderful job.

  14. LOL! No, Denise, you’re not crazy! Although I DID originally say the table was very “me,” I didn’t specifically say it was my table. Your comment made me realize that I should perhaps clarify. 🙂

  15. Ooops… forgot to answer Denise’s other question … The candles are actually Lenox pierced tea light holders. It’s the candle glow that’s giving the color. (The best part: they’re Lenox that I found at GW with NO problems — for $1 each!)

  16. I really like the different theme’s and variety of things used in these tablescapes. Looks like a fun time was had by all! I’m joining as a follower, and hope you will come visit me and maybe join too. Have a blessed week! Sandi

  17. Wonderful tables and many great ideas!!!

  18. YEAH! You started a blog!!! Your blog is beautiful and wonderful. Looking forward to following you. Love your old home and will look forward to seeing more of it! Love it all! Keep in touch! (I’ve been cleaning old linens 🙂
    ~ Julie

  19. How fun to be able to see so many beautiful and creative tablescapes! What a wonderful cause, too. I hope you met your goal and then some. Thanks for sharing these.

  20. Oh yay, I was waiting for this one! Those are gorgeous tables! Everyone had such creative ideas…thanks for sharing!


  21. What a wonderful post with the Festival of Tables 2010. Thank you for including us for it gives many great table ideas. I especially enjoyed seeing the school/library table.

  22. I love your “shopping the house” concept! Why buy when you can make do with the treasures you have? Thank you for all your positive comments. Here’s to more mutual blog visits 🙂