Heart-Stopping-Beautiful China: Christian Dior "Tabriz"

I’m so glad you stopped by today! I’m going to show you something today I never thought possible …


If you were you reading this blog when we took the field trip HERE to Replacements, Ltd., you may remember seeing this:


“I wish this picture were better … because you’ll never get to see it in one of my tablescapes!”


Well, imagine my shock — and excitement — when I saw an eBay seller offering four 5-piece place settings of “my” Christian Dior Tabriz UNUSED in their original boxes … for $700 less than the cost of replacement … selling Buy It Now for the cost of three dinner plates!
Color Theme28.jpg


Well, it just so happens that I have the most wonderful husband in the world … and our anniversary was coming up … and he said, “What are you waiting for? Happy Anniversary!” Even then I hesitated. We rarely do big gifts for each other … I’d done without it “forever” … I didn’t NEED it … but it was the china I’ve loved for 20+ years — and would have bought if I’d selected china when we married …


So I was wrong.


You DO get to see this beautiful china in one of my tablescapes!  And it seems only appropriate that it should be a table celebrating the topic of “Father’s Day,” don’t you agree?  (If you missed my post about topical theme tablescapes, you can read it HERE.)A few months ago I discovered these in an auction box of odds-and-ends. My first thought when I saw them: “Father’s Day tablescape.”


Fathers Day01.jpg


This one is a vintage glass ash tray that is set inside a stamped leather box …
Fathers Day02.jpg


And this beautiful lidded box is made of marble …
Fathers Day03.jpg


Filled with a few flowers from Renaissance Man’s garden (he’s aka Father of the Week — right along with my own Daddy!), the “manly” boxes were ready for the table.
Fathers Day04.jpg


Here we are … ready to start the metamorphosis of the table. I’ll bet you didn’t notice my beautiful new china peeking at you when you read the “topical” tablescape post, did you?
Fathers Day05.jpg


Of course, my inspiration was the Tabriz with its gorgeously rich colors … but, quite honestly, this isn’t the kind of tablescape I would have ever envisioned doing with this china (but then again, I never really envisioned having this china)!  So it was a challenge — and I love tablescaping challenges!
Fathers Day11.jpg


I played with several different chargers, but you’ll notice that I settled on one I typically use in the Fall. It’s a copper-y brown with leaves on it. If you look closely, you’ll see the same leaves in the china …
Fathers Day06.jpg


A favorite heavy navy blue damask tablecloth, the two small arrangements, and a recent auction-find spaniel pulled in the colors of the Tabriz.
Fathers Day12.jpg


Does this little guy look familiar to any of you?
Fathers Day08.jpg


I stood him on the lid from the marble box — to give just a little more height …
Fathers Day10.jpg


I “married” these beautiful sherbets. They belonged to Renaissance Man before they belonged to me.
Fathers Day07.jpg


These beauties were another recent auction find, and they’re available — even though I haven’t yet listed them in my Etsy shop.  They’re obviously two different patterns — but I love that they both have gold on their feet! They show up so much better on the dark tablecloth than they would if the glass was just clear.
Fathers Day13.jpg


Vintage hand-embroidered linen napkins …
Fathers Day14.jpg


The smell of fresh flowers …
Fathers Day16.jpg Fathers Day15.jpg


… and the beauty of candlelight coming from inside a tiny monogrammed brandy snifter. You can just make out the crown above the letter N. After all, Renaissance Man is King of the Castle!
Fathers Day18.jpg

Fathers Day19.jpg Fathers Day21.jpg

  Fathers Day22.jpg

  Fathers Day26.jpg

I love my new china …
and I love “growing old together” with Renaissance Man.
Fathers Day25.jpg


He’s a really great husband … and father … and Poppa.


To him
* and all fathers *
I wish a very Happy Father’s Day!


I’m joining the party at Between Naps on the Porch. It’s Tablescape Thursday!


Speaking of which … DID you recognize this pooch?
His twin lives with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.  You can see him HERE.


I’m really glad his brother found a good home; Susan’s a nice lady. But I can’t keep this little guy much longer. If I could only find a new home for him …
Fathers Day09.jpg

I hope you’ll stop by again Sunday evening for

Tables With A Theme: Part 2 – The COLORFUL Theme


  1. A stunning table my dear! I so adore your china, it is gorgeous and you set it up so perfectly with those great chargers and the dog!! Wow, it’s fabulous! I just dropped by from TT at BNOTP. Have a wonderful Father’s Day along with renasance man! Lots of hugs. FABBY

  2. Susan, a stunning tablescape, and I wish the Renaissance Man a very happy Father’s Day! xo,

  3. I can see why you love that china, it is very beautiful! You did an amazing job pulling it all together. Love it!

  4. Stunning!

  5. What amazing china. Love all of the rich colors.

    – The Tablescaper

  6. I came here last night but got bumped off by an annoying gooogle message before I could comment.

    I love this whole post, not just the table. I love the fact that you have a wonderful husband who “gets” you and your love of dishes.

    This table is stunning from linens to dishes to goblets. I wish my budget were not so squeeeeaky tight right now. I was just dreaming of a set of gold rimmed goblets.

    The china is gorgeous.

    I have yet to open this blog without leaving inspired.

  7. How completely thrilling to find “your” china at such a great price! Happy early anniversary! I know you had a delightful time setting your first table with this gorgeous pattern. The table looks wonderful!

  8. what a wonderful anniversary! i love your tablescape, it really lets your new dishes take center stage. what a lucky gal to find them, and for your hubby to give them to you!

  9. Absolutely the most stunning china ever. I love the colors and the design. Your table is wonderful.. love the pup in the middle. make everything so inviting.. Many blessings! marlis

  10. I love your gorgeous china. It was a generous gift from your husband and makes for a beautiful tablescape. I absolutely adore the dog on your table. It looks exactly like my Cavelier King Charles Spaniel. I would love one just like it!

  11. Bella, the spaniel in my tablescape is available – but I have no way to contact you except here. 🙁

  12. Your new china is stunningly beautiful and looks fabulous in this tablesetting. The little Spaniel adds a playful air to the theme.

    I’m always impressed by anyone who can create a sweet flower arrangement. Yours look wonderful!

  13. My oh my!!!! That china is jaw-droppingly gorgeous! So nice to have your dream come true at the encouragement from your husband. Thank you for sharing!!!