Tables With A Theme: Part 3 – The STYLISHLY MOODY Table

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I hope you’ve had a great weekend and that the week ahead is an enjoyable one for you — and for those around you! If this is your first time here, I’m really glad you stopped by.  And if you’ve been here before, I’m honored that you returned!For the past two weeks I’ve been doing a series on Tables With A Theme.  If you missed any of the posts, I’ll list the links below.  In the future, if you ever want to refer to them for ideas, just click on the How to: Tablescapes tab under my blog header, and you’ll find them more easily.  You might also see another post or two you’d like to check out for “how to” ideas.






Moody Table Styles01.jpg 

Today it’s time for
Tables With A Theme:  Part 3 – The STYLISHLY MOODY Table


Since we’re talking about tablescapes — and not people — moody is a good thing!  If you want to do a tablescape that is NOT topic- or color-themed, it helps to ask yourself what style or mood you’re trying to evoke.  But — that’s just the first step. The big question is:  How do you get from the “before” of words … like whimsical, elegant, relaxing, primitive, romantic … to the “after” of a tablescape that captures one of those feelings?

I don’t often show you a tablescape then “pick it apart,” but since the mood of a table isn’t an easy concept to convey without pictures, that’s how I’m going to approach today’s post.

Let’s start with this tablescape. The richly-colored embossed and gilded inspiration plate, the gold charger, and the deeply-carved tassel of luxurious ribbons … We’ve just taken elegant all the way to ornate.

Moody Table Styles03.jpg


This table is elegant, too — but in a more traditional way. Classic dishes, beautiful carvings, leather-bound books …

Moody Table Styles04.jpg

I think you’ll quickly begin to see that elegance has many different faces!  I definitely consider this table to be elegant, but the mood I wanted was sparkle!

Did I achieve it?

Sparkle calls for lots of crystal with touches of silver and blue … and the reflection of tiny mirrors.
This was my debut tablescape on this blog. It’s hard to believe that was almost a year ago!

Moody Table Styles05.jpg

Click here to see the entire tablescape.

In this tablescape, elegance joins hands with rustic.  Notice the classic gold-rimmed china, gorgeous glasses and gold flatware … paired with bamboo placemats and a wild pheasant mount.

Moody Table Styles06.jpg

Click here to see the entire tablescape

And here’s another rustic tablescape … but the wood, deer antlers, pheasant tails, pine boughs, and wild bird all work together to give a woodland feel.

Moody Table Styles07.jpg

Click here to see the entire tablescape.

What if the mood you’re trying to achieve is warmth?  This table uses heavy damask placemats and napkins, brown-and-cream transferware, slightly tarnished silver, the fire of candlelight, and a soup tureen centerpiece to set the mood.

Moody Table Styles08.jpg

Click here to see the entire tablescape.

But if it’s “ice” you want … try using lots of crystal and clear glass, silver and platinum, white dishes, lace-like accents, and, of course, plenty of snow  — both faux and 3-D.

Moody Table Styles09.jpg

Click here to see the entire tablescape.

Whether it’s “fire” or “ice,” there’s something romantic about the candlelit tables above.  And romance is another mood entirely … with many different interpretations.  Here you see the romance of reminiscing.  This table hostess used vintage sheet music, inherited linens and dishes, and quaint pots of violets — all holding special memories for her.

Moody Table Styles10.jpg

But here, romance takes on a sophisticated Valentine’s Day look.
Hearts, jewelry, cherubs … and candlelight.

Click here to see the entire tablescape.

This table could be considered romantic, too …
but my goal was purely feminine.

Moody Table Styles12.jpg

Click to see the entire tablescape.

Here’s yet another face of romance.  This time it has elements of Shabby Chic style … soft colors, dainty and mismatched floral china, white lace, tarnished silver, and diminutive china birds.

Moody Table Styles13.jpg

Finally, a simple, traditional romantic candlelit table for two …

Moody Table Styles14.jpg

Click to see the entire tablescape.

But what if the mood you want to set is not soft romance but rather vibrance and energy?  Try using bright colors!  Even a simple punch of color helps to set the mood.

Moody Table Styles15.jpg

Click to see the entire tablescape

Or … pair bright colors with an abundance of flowers and the “movement” of butterflies — and you have a tablescape with even more energy!

Moody Table Styles16.jpg

Click here to see the entire tablescape.

Finally, let’s look at another birdhouse-and-flowers tablescape … but this one sets just the opposite mood.  Here, the dishes were the inspiration. Their herb theme could have inspired a “food” tablescape, but their soft colors drew me more to a sense of calm and relaxation. What better place to go than outside to the garden — where herbs grow? So a green plant … and green goblet … and a pair of bright white (like the plates) birds sitting in front of a sweet painted birdhouse all work together to generate a peaceful mood.

Moody Table Styles02.jpg
I’m dedicating this peaceful tablescape to my sister. I’m praying for her to have peace and calm … and a very Happy Birthday this week!

So what’s your mood?


What other styles or moods would you like to see in a tablescape?  I’ve got one I’m going to try, so I hope you’ll stop by again later this week when I join Tablescape Thursday with a stylishly moody tablescape.


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  1. Your tables are gorgeous! What great jobs!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  2. Oh Susan you can set a table for me any old time! LOVE the birdhouse theme (but of course I would!). xo,

  3. Another great one in the series. I have really enjoyed this, and you keep giving my creativity jolts of inspiration.

    I started reading this thinking that I had never really done a “mood” table, but in finishing this, I realized that I have. You’ve just inspired me to be moody more often.

    But don’t tell the family, OK?

  4. Hey Susan! I’m so glad you liked my laundry room…it really is a pleasure to do laundry now. (and I never thought in a million years I’d ever say that!lol)
    Your tablescapes are absolutely gorgeous! I am gonna remember your ice themed one for this winter….I LOVE to do tablescapes in the winter months. 🙂
    hope you have a great week!
    Missy 🙂

  5. Such elegant tables! I love the romantic feminine one, it reminds me of Noritake, but they’re all so wonderful.

  6. hi, I’m visiting over from Tabletop Tuesday. Oh my all the lovely tablescapes. Each one as beautiful as the next.
    Thank You for sharing.

    The French Hutch

  7. Absolutely beautiful. I know where to come the next time I have a dinner party! So much wonderful inspiration.

  8. Beautiful tables! Fun to see the different ideas. 😉

  9. Hello Susan,
    you ceated really a lot of fantastic tablescapes. I love such beautiful tables. Make an evening very special.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  10. Susan
    1 word

  11. LOL … Victoria, there’s absolutely no reason for envy! You can do STYLISHLY MOODY tables, too! Some of the ones I showed you are just a single place setting — and could be done as a tabletop display. Of course, you wouldn’t need to use a place setting of dishes, but rather just a pretty plate, doily, etc. The main thing is HAVE FUN!

  12. Thanks for telling what your thoughts are behind each of your beautiful tablescapes, makes it easier for me to create something when I have a thought pattern to follow.

  13. Oh That first one is the BEST! I love that ornate detail. A great post. 🙂

    Thanks for popping by and saying hi. 🙂


  14. All of those are just gorgeous Susan but I love the one with the books the best! 🙂 So many great ideas and inspirations and we are always so thrilled when you share them with us at Inspiration Friday!