2018: In a word . . .

January 5: How’s 2018 treating you so far?


So far, so good here.


We made an after-Christmas trip to Texas to see family and attend the wedding of a longtime friend’s son—and missed the snow at home in Tennessee. I know some of you are covered up in it. Welcome to Winter!


As we traveled, I read a lot of blogs. Lots of 2017 recaps, New Years resolutions, and words of the year. You’ve seen those, too, huh?


I’ve chosen words in years past, but I wasn’t sure I would this year . . . except one keeps coming to mind. I guess it chose me.




Yes, I realize MIDDLE is an unusual Word of the Year. It’s not easy to explain either! But I’ll try . .


You see, I’m learning something about myself: I sometimes often have a hard time staying in the “middle ground” of situations. I like black and white—but we all know Life is full of grey areas.


I don’t spend much time looking back at my life, telling stories or re-living experiences. In fact, I’m pretty driven to move forward. Sometimes, though, I suspect my relationships would benefit if I spent more time between the two; time spent intentionally slowing down, living in the present. Time spent being less “efficient”.


I’m not talking about relaxing to the point of not maintaining my household or meeting responsibilities. I’m talking about being less controlling. Letting Life unfold naturally.


Living within the tension of uncertainty.


Accepting that some things don’t happen as quickly or efficiently as I’d like them to—or as they could if only . . .


2017 required Renaissance and me to live within the tension of uncertainty. We were out of our comfort zone, but we did it—and we did it well! We learned a lot about ourselves.


I realize I need to take the lessons learned in 2017 and apply them to every situation in my future, even the ones where it’s hard for me to be hands-off, hard for me to simply relax in the presence of others. I’m a project person. Relaxing doesn’t come easily.


I need to find the MIDDLE and stay there more, but that’s hard for someone split clearly down the middle between Extrovert and Introvert. I gravitate to the extremes, but I’m learning that practicing a hands-on, dirty faith calls me to the middle, the grey area, the places where I don’t have the answers—but neither can I disengage.


And so my word for 2018 is MIDDLE. I suspect it’s a place of healing and growth.


Perhaps we can meet there . . .


Is there a word that’s informing your focus this year?

I’d love to know — and if you wrote a post about it, send me the link. I’d love to read it!


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  1. Thought provoking post. Thank you.

  2. Good for you, Susan. I like your word choice. I think middle might be a pretty good description for me. I am definitely an extrovert, but I am a middle of the road thinker. Acceptance, faith and trust have been a great comfort for me.♡

    I don’t choose a new word every year. My favorite word is and has been grace.

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