#RiskRejection: Downsize to Upsize

That’s what blogger Amy Sullivan has challenged us to write about: risks we’re taking. And she suggests we write once a week for the next four weeks. You can read the challenge HERE. I immediately picked up pen and paper and started making a list of risks I’m facing in this new year. There are many; some more “risky” than others, but risks nonetheless.


When I told you what I was doing wrong as a Christian woman, I didn’t tell you my first “next step” …



Renaissance Man and I are preparing to put our old house on the market. We continue to feel the need to de-clutter “stuff” even more and to downsize our living space–because the comfortable lifestyle has become less and less comfortable. No, we’re not taking a vow of poverty; far from it. No matter where we end up, we will be rich beyond measure compared to the vast majority of our world’s inhabitants. If you’re reading this, so are you.


But, we want to downsize our life so we can upsize our faith.



We’re blessed that we don’t *have* to sell our house, but we’ve made the decision to do it. Now we just have to see how quickly we can get it on the market while working around some significant travel plans. Being out of town is a challenge when it’s a For Sale By Owner situation, ya know. We’ll see what happens–whenever it happens. But, quite honestly, we’re both beginning to feel a little excitement about “what next” … and we don’t even know what that is! It’s possible we’ll build a smaller home on land we own a few minutes away in the country; at least that’s what we’ve talked about for a couple of years. Time will tell. The nice thing is, we don’t have to know the answers today. Nothing will matter until the house sells anyway.


By the way… This risk will affect you, too.

  • Be prepared to see more of my old house – including some rooms you’ve never seen before – as I begin to document these beautiful old spaces. How I have loved living within these walls… but our world is no longer the one we lived in when we restored the charming old gal, so (even in the presence of a few admittedly difficult emotions) it’s time to move on and let a bigger family – or someone who entertains more – become (only) the fourth owners since she was built in 1907.
  •  Since I’ll be downsizing more, you’re invited to look through my tablescapes and linens and see if there’s anything you love. It just might be available, so you’re welcome to ask. If it’s not, I’ll tell you – but I’ll be flattered that you like it. OR, if there’s anything I *might* have, it never hurts to ask those questions, too. Feel free to email me your Wish List. 🙂



Something for you to consider: Even if you don’t officially join Amy’s challenge and write publicly, why not write yourself a letter and outline a risk you’re going to take. Give yourself a pep talk if necessary! You can also leave a comment –or just a single word! –and tell us here… so we can encourage you. Remember, changing your world starts by taking one little step out of your comfort zone…


P.S.  If you haven’t joined the conversation started in my last post, please do!  I’d really like to know what you – and your friends – are thinking!


#RiskRejection: Downsize to Upsize (Part 2)




  1. Oh, wow, this IS a big step! I’ll look forward to following your posts about this process.

  2. Beautiful pictures, home, challenge, and words!

    So, so glad you decided to particpate with us because I have been totally sucked in by reading about all of these cool risks. Your thoughts on downsizing your life so you can upsize your faith, has been rolling around my head too. Funny how when you mention it (or at least when I do) the responses are very mixed.

  3. I need to go and read from that blog and see the challenge. I don’t know if I’ll participate publicly, but I accept your challenge to write some things down privately.

    I think delineating a risk, or THE risk is a good stepping out measure.

    Yours is huge, but one that I have not discounted here. I am trying to learn not to hold on to things past their expiration dates, and I don’t simply mean food in the fridge. I think all manner of things have expiration dates, and so much of our emotional and spiritual sickness might be traced back to the unwillingness to replace them.

    Do you read/listen to Francis Chan at all? I sort of happened upon him while reading up on David Platt. He had the same call that you are describing.

    • Debbie, you’re exactly right about things having expiration dates! (Why don’t you write that post?) As for Francis Chan, yes I am familiar with his story. I’ve read Crazy Love as well as The Forgotton God; both are excellent.

  4. Whoa brave. And exciting. Way to move without being forced!

  5. Downsize our life to upsize our faith–I am TOTALLY taking that one with me! It’s so true! In our culture we have so much that soon the collecting of the “much” supersedes our dependency on God. This is so amazing and wonderful. Thank you for sharing your risk.

  6. Wow you have a beautiful home!

  7. The Quintessential Magpie Blog says:

    Susan, this is a big step, and I wish you the best in the sale. I think we are all going through this need to declutter. Clutter can tend to own you if you aren’t careful and not vice versa. So I understand.



  8. Kudos to you, Susan! What a blessing to CHOOSE to do this… and I can’t wait to see how God works in your incredible risk.

    PS: So loving the diversity of risks in the #riskrejection challenge. What a trip!

  9. Big, big decisions! We are facing them, too, and not because we wish to. We are growing older, money is not as free-flowing as it once was, the economy stinks, yada, yada, yada.

    All the best as you move forward and as The Lord directs.

  10. Vicki Daugherty says:

    What great motivation for downsizing, and we both know God will bless all your steps for His glory. Thanks for sending me this post and for allowing your faith to shine. Vicki in Louisville KY